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Grades K-5 are critical years for transforming inquisitive students into highly skilled learners. Although every student does not begin school with the same degree of knowledge, with Open Court Reading you can level the playing field, putting all your students on track for academic success.

Animal Homes
Grade K

Open Court Reading Comprehensive Curriculum

Open Court Reading is a comprehensive K-5 reading, writing, and language arts curriculum. With an explicit, systematic approach to teaching, learning is exciting and engaging for all students. In addition, instructional routines are taught and modeled, establishing predictable patterns for students so they know what is expected of them and how to perform on their own.

This complete curriculum has engaging features you want in a reading program.

  • Instruction in the five key areas of reading
  • Differentiated Instruction in every lesson
  • English Learner support
  • A strong inquiry/higher-order thinking strand
  • A robust writing strand

Additional Background Builder Videos:

Art in Motion
Grade 1

My Community at Work
Grade 2

Extreme Weather
Grade 3

Open Court Reading Foundational Skills Kits

These easy-to-use kits equip all students with the foundation for lifelong reading. The Open Court Reading Foundational Skills Kit gives you an exclusive collection of invaluable tools to help strengthen student phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency skills. These skills allow learners to master more sophisticated literacy skills.

Foundational Skills Kits

  • Complement any core reading and language arts program.
  • Supplement any guided reading or leveled reader program.
  • Work as a stand-alone program.

Open Court Reading Word Analysis Kits

The Word Analysis Kit is designed to focus on skills relevant to Grades 4 and 5, featuring practice with manipulatives and print for phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, word analysis, vocabulary, and fluency. This kit includes instructional tools such as updated Sound/Spelling Cards, lesson cards for five areas of reading, word part cubes, and an intervention kit.

Word Analysis Kits also work as a stand-along program, either complementing or supplementing any core reading and language arts program.

English Language Development Kit for Grades K-5

Complementing any core reading program, the Open Court Reading English Language Development Kit (for grades K–5) provides practical tools designed to get students with little-to-no English language skills participating in the classroom, at home and in their community.

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