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New demographics are changing the face of classrooms across the country. Schools are embracing multiple languages and cultures, as well as different skill levels among English learners. The Open Court Reading English Language Development Kit provides extra support to help ELs quickly acquire vocabulary and skills for social, community, and classroom interactions.

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Differentiated Resources for Language Learners

The kit includes a variety of instructional activities and tools that encourage language production, skill development, and peer-to-peer interactions. These resources are designed to help your students begin to participate meaningfully in the classroom and everyday life.

Practical, yet engaging, resources in the English Language Development Kit meet four levels of English proficiency.

Stages of English Proficiency

Differentiated instruction in the English Language Development Kit includes four levels of proficiency:


Beginning students are learning to comprehend and produce one- or two-word responses with concrete and immediate topics.

Early Intermediate

Early intermediate students have acquired a basic command of English and are moving to phrases and simple sentences using concrete and immediate topics.


Intermediate students have good comprehension of overall meaning and learn to respond in expanded sentences, interact more independently with a variety of texts, and use newly acquired English vocabulary to communicate ideas orally and in writing.

Early Advanced

Early advanced students demonstrate comprehension of meaning, including implied and nuanced meaning, and are learning the use of idiomatic and figurative language.

Make an Immediate Difference for Newcomers

Many students arrive in classrooms with little to no English language skills. Communication skills are the first step in making them feel at home in their new school and community.

The Open Court Reading English Language Development Kit is designed to help students learn the basic vocabulary needed to participate in class, as well as social conversations. Activities such as board games encourage interactions with peers while learning valuable skills.

Specialized Instruction for Newcomers

The Newcomers English Language Development Blackline Masters and Teacher’s Guide include instruction to help students quickly learn necessary vocabulary with four distinct sections:

  • Introduction―presents vocabulary through modeling
  • Guided Practice―with scaffolding that supports success
  • Apply―reviews concepts and vocabulary with classroom activities
  • Independent Work―provides activities to demonstrate growing proficiency

Throughout each lesson, opportunities to monitor progress are available to further inform each student’s abilities and needs.

Student & Teacher Resources

Kit Resources

  • Newcomers English Language Development Blackline Masters
  • Newcomers English Language Development Teacher’s Edition
  • Teacher’s Resource Book
  • Oral Language Development Cards
  • Photo Flash Cards
  • Sound/Spelling Small-Group Cards
  • Sound/Spelling Individual Cards
  • Board Games (game mats, game cards, and game pieces)
  • Individual Handheld Mirrors

Sound/Spelling Cards

The Sound/Spelling cards are designed to give your students the key to unlock the power of our written language. The Sound/Spelling Cards include 44 cards in each set featuring the letter and a picture on one side and spelling patterns on the back. The Cards represent the 44 most common sounds of the English language. The Sound/Spelling Cards come in three different sizes: Individual, Small-Group and Wall Cards. The digital Interactive Sound/Spelling Cards recite the Sound/Spelling Card Story and each picture illustrates a motion.

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Oral Language Development Cards

The Oral Language Development Cards provide students with the opportunity to have unfamiliar sounds modeled for them, practice basic language and language structure, and practice language skills through activities.

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Photo Flash Cards

The Photo Flash Cards show a full-color photo on one side and the name of the image on the other. The Photo Flash Cards provide exposure to academic vocabulary, as well words for everyday life.

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Game Mats

The board games include differentiated levels of gameplay so students of multiple levels of English language proficiency can effectively participate. These games are designed to be used as a review tool.

Teacher Resource Book

The Teacher Resource Book includes blackline masters to support the lessons, a placement assessment, and a games components chart, instructions, and game sheets to accompany the board games.

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Newcomer BLM

The Blackline Masters contains pages for the students, which include visual representations of the concepts discussed in the lesson, translations in eight languages, and a classroom or home activity.

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Newcomer Teacher Guide

A Newcomers English Language Development Teacher’s Guide is designed to help newcomers learn basic day-to-day and academic vocabulary. The guide contains a guided Practice, an Apply section, and an Independent Work activity for each concept.

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