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FLEXWorks is a dynamic online system that manages the classroom, assessment, data, instruction, and resources to maximize time and learning. FLEXWorks:

  • Automatically populates student performance data
  • Delivers performance data through a variety of reports
  • Informs targeted instruction to meet the individual needs of every student
  • Provides all the tools needed for classroom management


Assessment and performance data collected by both the teacher and system provide a balance of quantitative and qualitative data. FLEXWorks informs teachers and administrators through student-, classroom-, school-, and district-level progress reporting. Assessments in FLEX Literacy include:

Upon first login, students take a Lexile-based placement test specific to the student’s reading level. Each test is a series of up to 35 multiple-choice questions. The assessment’s results are used to place the student in the appropriate Band and lesson sequence, based on configured sequence start positions. The FLEXWorks system then determines and records the initial Lexile score and the entry point for the student.

In FLEX Literacy, students move through a progression of lessons with ongoing Lexile assessment opportunities intended to measure students’ growth over time. Each lesson in Bands C-K features an activity that assesses students’ Lexile scores.

Lessons regularly assess students’ fluency by having them record themselves reading aloud so that teachers can review the recording and provide a words correct per minute (WCPM) score. Teachers are also prompted to assess prosody of students’ recording based on four criteria.

Each skill in FLEX Literacy is taught through a scaffolded sequence of activities based on the gradual release model. At the end of each sequence, assessment activities called Mastery Checks present multiple choice question items without instructional prompting or feedback. Through theses activities, students demonstrate their level of mastery with each skill. In Bands A and B, the teacher is prompted to print the Mastery Checks and conduct the assessments orally. Mastery Checks in Bands C-K are done within the online lessons.

Three benchmark progress-monitoring tests are administered on dates specified by the teacher during class setup. (These tests can be turned on and off, and future dates may be changed at any time.) These tests follow the same format as the placement tests and result in an updated Lexile score for each student. The benchmark assessments are scored separate from the placement tests to validate student Lexile growth within the program.

FLEX Literacy uses the Gradual Release model of instruction with the goal of encouraging student independence with appropriate support. As understanding increases and support fades, students are encouraged to become independent learners who are able to take control of their own learning in real time. Resources to develop student self-assessment skills can be found in the Assessment Resource Book.


A variety of reports provide the teacher with in-depth student performance data in formats that are easy to view, understand, and share. Reports in FLEX Literacy include:

The Lexile Measure Progress report shows students’ individual Lexile scores over a specified date range, as well as the class average. The interactive graph provides a visual view of progress over time. The report is quickly and easily exported as an Excel spreadsheet.

The State Standards report shows students’ percentage score on each of the standards criteria over a specified date range, as well as the class average. The report can include any combination of the Digital, Print, and Project experiences, and provides a dropdown menu for student selection. The report is quickly and easily exported as an Excel spreadsheet.

The Digital Progress by Lesson report shows students’ percentage scores on each of the skills within the lessons of the Digital Experience over a specified date range, as well as an average score for each lesson. Dropdowns allow the teacher to select the student and lesson band. The report is quickly and easily exported as an Excel spreadsheet.

The Fluency Progress report shows student performance on a variety of fluency activities encountered throughout the Digital Experience. The report includes both prosody and student scores from the six fluency activities in the date range.

The Student Snapshot report shows overall student performance data for individual students over a specified date range. The report includes current Lexile score, percentage scores for all three Experiences, overall program score, and skills mastered, accelerated, and remediated in the Digital Experience.

The Class Snapshot report shows up-to-date data on each student, including Lexile measure, words correct per minute score, current lesson, and overall program score. This report is quickly and easily exported as an Excel spreadsheet.

Teacher Resources

FLEX Literacy comes with a wealth of resources to ensure smooth and successful implementation. Teachers can find correlations to state standards, scope and sequence information, professional development tools, and classroom support materials such as English learner strategies, foundational skills worksheets, spelling worksheets, contrastive analysis charts, and more.


The Printables button shows the teacher which students require additional resources for the day and prepares these resources as printable materials. These printable materials could include Individualized Instruction lessons, Mastery Checks, and more.


The Gradebook allows teachers to enter scores for differentiated instruction lessons and mastery checks, as well as listen to and grade fluency passages recorded by students. Gradebooks for the Print Experience and Project Experience are also included.