It's Time to Watch Your Students Thrive

Program Overview

Thrive Personal Narrative

Thrive™ powered by Time To Know® is a digital teaching environment with core content for:

  • English Language Arts, Grades 3 – 8
  • Mathematics, Grades 3 – 8, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry
  • Science, Grades 6 – 8, Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences; and Engineering

Designed for a teacher‐led, digital-learning ecosystem, Thrive takes a holistic approach to learning by providing a standards‐based curriculum with the tools teachers need to effectively and efficiently manage a dynamic digital classroom. Real‐time progress monitoring, collaboration tools, automated differentiation, and tech‐enhanced assessments help inform and evolve instruction.

Thrive, Mobile Learning Technology App


Thrive offers tools and services to help classrooms, schools, and districts make the digital shift while meeting the expectations of rigorous 21st century standards. With a structured, lesson-based curriculum that emphasizes the instructor’s role in the learning experience, comprehensive professional learning support and community backing, and unparalleled technical support, Thrive is your partner in realizing the classroom of tomorrow, today.



Becoming digitally proficient is necessary for all K-12 educators. Thrive makes it easy with features that blend traditional teaching pedagogy with digital tools to help teachers manage their digital classrooms. Thrive features a structured curriculum with ready-to-teach lesson plans, real-time progress monitoring, and offline availability. Built-in directives, like Eyes on Teacher, stop points in lessons, and the ability to pull any student into the lesson—even if that student is in another class—make Thrive the ideal option for 21st century instruction.


The 21st century classroom demands more of students than ever before. They are asked to be self-starters and investigators, technologically proficient, and leaders in their communities. With Thrive, students are ready to meet these challenges, and more. Students are engaged with content that is relatable, relevant, and contemporary. And with the aid of the Bloopsters—fun characters who serve as guides through lesson content—learning is actually fun again.

Learning technology platform for students


It’s important to play an active role in our children’s education, as the learning doesn’t stop when the bell rings. Thrive provides tools that allow students to think outside the box and challenge themselves in practical ways. Progress monitoring within the program ensures that parents are always aware of their children's performances, and they can be rest assured that with Thrive, learning is dynamic, personalized, and proven to be successful.

Learning technology platform for parents