Authors and Advisors for Reveal Math

Our learning scientists teamed up with expert authors and advisors to create a program guided by validated academic research and classroom best practices. Their guidance elevates the Reveal Math program and drives our philosophy forward.

Ralph Connelly, Ph.D.

K-5 Author

Authority on the development of early mathematical understanding

  • Professor and Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Education-Brock University, 1977–present
  • NCTM Mathematics Education Trust Board, 2016–present
  • NCSM Board of Directors, 1994–1996, and 2006–2008
  • Ontario Ministry of Education Expert Panel in Mathematics 2002–2003, 2004–2005
  • President, Ontario Association for Mathematics Education (OAME), 1987–1988, 1998–1999
  • Senior author of three elementary educational textbook series

Linda Gojak, M. Ed.

K-5 Author

Expert in both theory and practice of strong mathematics instruction

  • Watch Dr. Gojak speak about thinking like a mathematician.
  • Director, Center for Mathematics and Science Education, Teaching, and Technology at John Carroll University (OH), 1999–2016
  • President, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), 2012–2014
  • President, National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM), 2005–2007 NCTM Board of Directors, 1996–1999
  • Elementary Mathematics Specialist, Hawken School, Cleveland, Ohio, 1978–1999
  • Recipient, Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching
  • Recipient, Christofferson-Fawcett Award for Leadership in Mathematics Education
  • Author and co-author of numerous articles and books

Susie Katt, M.Ed.

K-5 Author

Advocate for the unique needs of our youngest mathematicians

  • K–2 Mathematics Coordinator, Lincoln Public Schools, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Special appointment lecturer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Robert Noyce National Science Foundation Master Teaching Fellowship, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 2012–2016
  • R. L. Fredstrom Leadership Award, Lincoln Public Schools, 2008

Ruth Harbin Miles, Ed.S.

K-5 Author

Leader in developing teachers’ math content and strategy knowledge

  • Math Coach to rural, suburban, and inner-city school mathematics teachers
  • Mary Baldwin University Adjunct Instructor, Staunton, Virginia, 2006–2018
  • K–12 Mathematics Coordinator, Olathe District Schools, Olathe, Kansas, 1980–2006
  • NCTM Board of Directors, 2013–2016
  • NCSM Board of Directors, 2005–2008
  • Board of Directors, Kansas Association of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Co-author of several published books

Nevels Nevels, Ph.D.

6-12 Advisor

Expert on socio-cultural perspective, student agency and identity in mathematics learning

  • PK–12 Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator for Hazelwood School District in Saint Louis, MO

Nicki Newton, Ed.D.

K-5 Contributing Author

Expert in bringing student-focused strategies and workshops into the classroom

  • Educational consultant and speaker in districts across the US and Canada
  • Former bilingual elementary and middle school teacher
  • Former Graduate instructor, Columbia, CUNY, MCNY, Mercy College, Cambridge College
  • Founder and Developer of Math Online PD Academy
  • Author of several published books (including Guided Math and Math Running Workstations)

John SanGiovanni, M.Ed.

K-5 Author

Leader in understanding the mathematics needs of all students and teachers

  • Coordinator of Elementary Mathematics, Howard County, Maryland
  • President, Maryland Council of Supervisor of Mathematics
  • Graduate Program Coordinator, Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leader program, McDaniel College (MD)
  • NCTM Board of Directors, 2015–2018
  • Author and co-author of numerous education books

Walter Secada, Ph.D.

6-12 Advisor

Champion of improving education for English language learners

  • Acting Dean of the School of Education and Human Development, University of Miami
  • Director of  "Language in Mathematics," a research and development project focused on improving the teaching of mathematics to middle-school English language learners
  • Former Director of the U.S. Department of Education’s Hispanic Dropout Project

Cathy Seeley, Ed.D.

6-12 Advisor

Champion of students learning to make sense of mathematics for themselves

Raj Shah, Ph.D.

6-12 Advisor, K-5 Contributing Author

Champion of perseverant problem-solvers and student curiosity in mathematics

  • Watch Dr. Shah speak about promoting growth mindset.
  • Founder, Math Plus Academy, an after-school STEM enrichment program for students, ages 5 to 14
  • Founding member, The Global Math Project
  • Ph.D. Physics, University of Illinois, 1999
  • R&D Engineering and Management, Intel Corporation, 1999–2008
  • Affiliate, Math Teacher Circles and the Julia Robinson Math Festival
  • National speaker and presenter

Jeffery Shih, Ph.D.

K-5 Author

Advocate for the importance of student knowledge

  • Instructor and Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Mathematics Education, 1999–present
  • Co-Director, Center for Mathematics, Science and Engineering Education, 2013–present
  • NCTM Board of Directors, 2018–present
  • Recipient, University of Nevada, Distinguished Teaching Award, 2014
  • Recipient, University of Nevada, Distinguished Service Award in Education, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2006
  • Recipient, University of Nevada, Mathematics and Science Education Achievement Award, 2005
  • Author and co-author of numerous research articles

Cheryl Tobey, M.Ed.

6-12 Advisor, K-5 Contributing Author

Facilitator of strategies that drive informed instructional decisions

  • Watch Dr. Tobey speak about the benefits of formative assessment.
  • State Elementary Mathematics Specialist, Department of Education, Augusta, Maine 2016–present
  • Professional Development Specialist, Education Development Center, Waltham, MA, 2008–2016
  • Mathematics Program Director, Mathematic and Science Alliance, Augusta, Maine 2001–2008
  • Co-Principal Investigator and Projector Director on NSF, IES and State MSP grants 2001–2016
  • Classroom educator, 1991–2001
  • Co-author of 12 books on Formative Assessment, Corwin Press, 2006–2017

Dinah Zike, M.Ed.

6-12 Advisor, K-5 Contributing Author

Creator of learning tools that make connections through visual-kinesthetic techniques

  • Founder of Dinah Zike Academy, an accredited professional development center for K–12 teachers
  • Inventor of Foldables® and other multi-sensory graphic organizers
  • Educational Publisher, and Dinah-Might Activities, L.P
  • Author of numerous award-winning books and educational materials