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Interactive Tools
Differentiated Instruction
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Interactive Tools

Wherever you are in the digital transition, Glencoe Math is there with you, offering interactive tools that get students excited about learning. Powered by your online learning platform, ConnectED, all your digital resources are accessible from school or home.


Knowing what each of your students is ready to learn right now and then providing targeted instruction on those topics can be a challenge.

ALEKS, the adaptive, online learning resource pinpoints student progress and delivers a personalized learning path using a combination of research-based, content and open-response questioning.

Students can work through content independently in ALEKS or you can use the in-depth reporting tools to identify students who may need one-on-one assistance or extra practice. Additionally, this robust, digital resource allows advanced students to progress at their own pace to enhance their learning.

  • Assign ALEKS as a resource to your students.
  • Students take the assessment to identify which topics they have mastered and which they are ready to learn.
  • Monitor student and class progress from the ALEKS dashboard to prepare for classroom instruction.


LearnSmart is an adaptive, online program that covers math topics students are likely to encounter on high-stakes, 21st century assessments.

The program’s adaptive technology evaluates each student’s retention of math concepts to create an individualized study roadmap. A learning cycle of study, practice, and assess is then continually applied, adapting the instruction until topic mastery is reached.

LearnSmart supports improved student achievement by:

  • Identifying and closing knowledge gaps on crucial math topics
  • Improving knowledge retention for better performance on high-stakes tests
  • Mapping out your year-end test prep plan
  • Providing detailed reporting on student and class progress

The Geometer's Sketchpad®

The Geometer’s Sketchpad® helps students illustrate mathematical ideas in a tangible, visual way that increases engagement, understanding, and achievement. With the power of ConnectED math concepts come alive with point-of-use sketches.

  • Embedded activities are available from the eBook
  • Presentation sketches provide detailed notes for in-class us

Virtual Manipulatives

Virtual Manipulatives provide a visual approach to teaching the core principles of math without the classroom cleanup.

Students manipulate, move, and modify math tools they may be using in the classroom such as algebra tiles, compass, and coordinate planes on the computer using mouse clicks or drag-and-drop movements. They learn from understanding how the behavior of the object changes after it has been moved and manipulated.


Glencoe Math assessments that provide performance tasks, technology-enhanced questions, and writing practice to prepare students for high-stakes assessments and help them excel in an online testing environment.

Foldables are three-dimensional, interactive, student-made concept maps that help students organize and retain complex information. Students fold paper, cut tabs, and manipulate what they make to help them learn.

Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated instruction is grounded in the Glencoe Math Teacher Edition and online Teacher Center, providing teachers with rich options to ensure every student has the opportunity to learn.

Learning for any Level

Recommended for approaching level, on level, beyond level, and English language learners, Glencoe Math provides:

  • Instructional strategies and activities designed to emphasize the strengths of each learning type.
  • Editable, leveled worksheets in each lesson that allow students to review content and practice problem­­—solving.

Digital Solutions

ConnectED, the online platform for Glencoe Math, offers features that enable teachers to:
  • Assign program resources to students, groups of students, or the entire class.
  • Send messages to specific students concerning progress on their assignments.
  • Recommend digital tools such as personal tutors and virtual manipulatives to help students understand concepts.


Glencoe Math, provides each student:

  • Step-by-step examples from the interactive Student Edition helps special needs learners solve basic skills exercises
  • Teachers demonstrating step-by-step examples using an Interactive White Board.
  • Homework Help to remind students of methods for solving similar problems.
  • Access to math concepts for review anywhere, anytime.

Professional Development

Glencoe Math supports you with dynamic, easy-to-use materials that help you get your work done and advance student learning.

Getting Started

Program Support

You will find step-by-step guides, teacher checklists, and a space to collaborate with fellow Glencoe Math administrators.

Implementation Course

A deeper dive into all program aspects including planning tools, data collecting, and reporting with a focus on pedagogy and standards.


Videos, how-to guides, and discussion boards to help you get your class up and running in no time!

Online Support

The Geometer’s Sketchpad®

  • Sketchpad Resource and Learning Centers
  • Getting Started Tutorials & Quick Tips
  • Sketchpad Sketch Exchange
  • Sample Activities Library


On­ demand, embedded support for ALEKS demonstrates its reporting features as well as helps advance your students’ math mastery. Point­of­use resources are available through the ConnectED Teacher Center dashboard.

Video Libraries

On­ demand, Video Libraries feature master teachers, authors, and math experts sharing their content knowledge and pedagogical style.


Learn from expert authors and educators with free, on­ demand webinars.

White Papers

Researched and written by industry experts, white papers help educators learn more about engaging students, differentiating instruction, and preparing students for STEM.

Never stop learning with these Mastery Courses

Never stop learning… Mastery Courses

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