Your Comprehensive PreK-8 Math Solution

McGraw Hill My Math, Glencoe Math, and Number Worlds® work together to place all learners on the path to success from pre-kindergarten through middle school and beyond by being built to the standards and combining core math offerings with intervention.

Integrated Content Standards

The McGraw Hill My Math and Glencoe Math authorship team built the programs to accelerate student achievement. This foundation creates a cohesive K-8 path for student success..

One Consistent Platform

The ConnectED digital platform seamlessly transitions learning between McGraw Hill My Math, Glencoe Math, and Number Worlds®, delivering consistent classroom instruction.

Platform Resources


McGraw Hill My Math, Glencoe Math and Number Worlds® include eAssessment, a completely customizable set of online assessment resources tied directly to lesson and chapter objectives.

Technology–enhanced Questions allow students to master the rigor and functionality required for high-stakes assessments.

Performance tasks build the skills necessary for high-stakes tests. Performance tasks build the skills necessary for state standards assessments and are found within assessment practice books for grades K-8.

Online student performance data informs decisions on personalized math instruction and remediation strategies.

Differentiated Instruction


McGraw Hill My Math, Glencoe Math, and Number Worlds all provide techniques for differentiating instruction to accommodate all learners and ensures achievement for all–including English Language Learner (ELL) students.

"Our district includes students from 27 different countries. The vocabulary cards are a tremendous help for the ELL students to understand the lessons."

Teresa G., 5th Grade Math Teacher


Core programs are correlated to Number Worlds®, an engaging, research-proven math intervention program that brings math-challenged PreK-8 students up to grade-level with interactive games, digital resources, assessments and report tools. Number Worlds used in combination with McGraw Hill My Math and Glencoe Math curriculum allows you to meet the needs of every learner.


Number Worlds provides flexible implementation options to target your unique instructional goals. When additional instructional time is needed beyond the embedded intervention time found in McGraw Hill My Math and Glencoe Math, Number Worlds offers flexible options up to 60+ minutes.

Meet the Authors

Students gain a deep understanding of math thanks to the McGraw Hill My Math and Glencoe Math authorship team. The team targeted conceptual understanding, key areas of focus, and a connection to previously acquired concepts and skills to develop the embedded rigor found in both programs.

The Number Worlds authorship team is comprised of experts and industry leaders in the areas of improving mathematics learning and achievement for at-risk students.

McGraw Hill My Math and
Glencoe Math Authors

Lead Authors

Gilbert J. Cuevas, Ph. D.

John A. Carter, Ph.D.

Roger Day, Ph.D., NBCT​

Carol Malloy, Ph.D.

Contributing Author

Dina Zike, Dinah-Might Activities, Inc.

Number Worlds Authors

Sharon Griffin, Ph.D.

Douglas Clements, Ph.D. and Julie Sarama