Glencoe Math, a robust middle school math program, engages students to develop critical math thinking. Interactive, highly customizable, and adaptable, Glencoe Math provides the tools necessary to expand understanding using the latest technology. Written to the Content Standards, Glencoe Math offers the perfect blend of print and digital to fit all your classroom needs.


Rigor ensures students are able to apply mathematical concepts to real-world situations and progress to a higher level of achievement.

The three components of rigor are embedded in Glencoe Math resources, lessons, and practice state assessments.

  • Conceptual Understanding is found throughout each lesson in the Inquiry Labs, H.O.T. Problems, Problem-based Investigations, and with the use of The Geometer’s Sketchpad®.
  • Procedural Skill and Fluency is emphasized in the Independent Practice and Extra Practice problem sets.
  • Applications is taught through special sections – 21st Century Career, Real-World Link, Problem-Solving Investigations, Power Up, and Performance Task.


Students see how math matters! Glencoe Math makes math real and engaging for students. The interactive tools built into the program keep students excited about math and wanting to learn more. From the write-in text to digital personal tutors to real-world example videos, students are interacting with each concept.



Assessments placed at the beginning and end of each lesson allow students to quickly review their progress. Online Readiness Checks within each lesson provide students with instant feedback on concepts learned.