Unify Your Digital Learning Ecosystem

Engrade® Learning Management

The Engrade® instruction component is a learning management system (LMS) that connects educators to data, curriculum, and personalized learning. With helpful digital tools, it guides educators, students, and parents through the planning, learning, and initial assessment stages of the learning cycle.

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Curriculum Driven by Data

Curriculum Driven by Data

  • Personalize learning with content recommendations informed by assessment data—students learn what they need, when they need it

  • Share learning paths at a district level across schools based on actionable intelligence

­­Content From Any Source

  • A single, comprehensive library of content from leading publishers (including McGraw-Hill Education), open learning providers, and teacher-generated materials

  • Interactive lesson plans provide teachers with capabilities to build daily and weekly strategies, then share with students in real time

Content from any source

Formative Assessments That Prepare for Success

­­Formative Assessments That Prepare for Success

  • Create quizzes and tests using more than 15 tech­-enhanced question types alongside content from shared, reusable item banks

  • Parent accounts provide immediate visibility into results and communication tools to connect parents with teachers