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Engrade® Assessment

The Engrade® information component is an assessment solution that provides both configurable, district-wide benchmark assessments and comprehensive analytics that inform adaptive curriculum. Guiding educators, students, and parents through the assessment, analysis, and planning stages of the learning cycle, it empowers educators and students to progress toward summative assessments with advanced online testing, standards-based grading, and actionable data.

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Benchmarks Across Your District

Benchmarks Across Your District

  • Effectively evaluate school programs using data­-driven insights

  • View results at the district level or dive deep into specific schools, classrooms, and students

Align to Key Standards

  • Create tests that align with PARCC, Smarter Balanced, or specific state standards

  • Easily compare formative data with benchmark and summative data from third parties to measure student progress and growth

Align to Key Standards

Rich, Powerful Content

Rich, Powerful Content

  • Quickly build custom, advanced assessments with a district-­wide item bank

  • Create interactive tech-­enhanced questions using rich multimedia assets

  • Implement item bank content from a wide range of leading providers

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