A Complete and Flexible Solution

Acuity® Overview

Acuity® provides educators with an interim assessment solution that provides a valid and reliable measurement of student growth, combined with practical instructional content.

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A Flexible and Complete Solution

Offering computer-adaptive and fixed-form approaches, Acuity is a comprehensive, standards-based interim assessment solution that measures student growth and proficiency and informs instruction.

Assessments & Reporting

Standards-based, Flexible Approaches

The high-quality assessments from Acuity are created from research-based items that reflect a mastery of skills relevant to real-world scenarios; not just memorized facts. Educators can assess skills at the deepest level, resulting in an accurate reporting of each student’s true understanding of grade level standards.

Instructional Content

Embedded and Engaging

Acuity makes it easy to catch students before they fall. Acuity can automatically assign instructional resources to students based on skill mastery level, saving valuable time and providing students with the targeted instruction they need.

Interim Assessments, Instructional Content

Flexibility to Improve Student Readiness

  • Students gain experience with interim assessments and become practice-ready for state assessments.

  • Educators can customize tests via item banks included in the system and administer them in digital or printed form.

  • Real-time data is predictive of future performance on summative exams and identifies students’ knowledge gaps.


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Rich Data Provides Actionable Insights

  • Educators have the flexibility to administer fixed-form and computer-adaptive assessments.

  • Reliable, research-based items are developed in the spirit of the new college and career readiness standards.

  • Reports provide valuable information to all stakeholders—administrators, teachers, parents, and students.

Targeted Instruction You Can Use

The actionable insights delivered by Acuity target practical instruction, highlighting optimal learning paths for each student and class. In addition to resources and content embedded in the system, educators also have access to a wealth of other high-quality instructional resources from McGraw-Hill Education.

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