A Complete and Flexible Solution

Insights and Reporting

With item banks created from rigorous research and detailed reporting, Acuity® delivers the tools educators need to plan instruction and boost student achievement


Standards-based, Flexible Approaches

Acuity is both standards-based and flexible—allowing educators to conduct both adaptive and fixed-format testing to gauge student understanding relative to a continually evolving set of standards.

Evidence-based Items

Thousands of hours of research and field testing go into the items in the abundant Acuity item banks. Using evidence-based design principles, we ask questions like: “How does the student demonstrate what they know?” and “How can each item prove that?” Only the items that pass our rigorous field-testing and evaluation processes make it into the banks for use. In addition, our technology-enhanced item types go beyond typical multiple-choice answers, leveraging technology to create a rich, interactive assessment experience.

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Reporting That’s Reliable and Useful

Acuity provides valuable report data to all stakeholders—administrators, educators, parents, and students—that can be used immediately to inform classroom instruction, modify teaching strategies, and assess progress.

District Assessment Reports
Display the percentage of students at each performance level.

Class Item Analysis and Distractor Analysis Reports
Illuminate areas of difficulty and common misconceptions.

Class Matrix and Roster Reports
Provide quick insight into student performance.

Student Predictive Growth Reports
Provide interpretation and insight into student growth.

Class Diagnostic Assessment Reports
Display important performance data to guide targeted instruction.

Student Predictive Assessment Reports Aligned to State Standards
Help predict student performance on state accountability exams.

Reporting That’s Reliable and Useful screenshots

Accurately Measure Student Understanding

Acuity provides consistently high-quality assessments, thanks in part to its proprietary adaptive assessment engine known as ShadowCAT™. This innovative engine triangulates data to ensure that the “right” question is always being asked next, based on previous answers. This results in an accurate measurement of each student’s true understanding.

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