The Power of Connected Programs

The Wonders programs are uniquely designed to move students ahead seamlessly – whether in the core classroom, participating in English language development instruction, or benefiting from intervention support. Wonders, Wonders for English Learners, Maravillas, and WonderWorks, all focus on the same Essential Question, vocabulary, skills, and strategies throughout a given week. With Maravillas, students also receive equitable instruction and rich, authentic content in Spanish.



The Power of Connected Intervention with WonderWorks.

WonderWorks links intervention to the core Wonders content, reinforcing the same Essential Question, topic, skills, and strategies. Each lesson includes scaffolding and support to allow struggling learners to access the content, build foundational skills, and rapidly accelerate back to grade-level instruction.

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Wonders for English Learners

The Power of Connected ELD with Wonders for English Learners

Wonders for English Learners allows English Learners to access connected core-classroom content with scaffolding and support. English language instruction provides a pathway for students to access complex texts. Students collaborate through reading, speaking, listening, and writing. Level Up pathways target instruction for teachers and accelerate them through each language proficiency level, and ultimately to core classroom instruction.

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