Inspire Science makes teaching science simple, so you and your students can make the most of your time.

5E Model

Each Inspire Science lesson is designed with the familiar and proven 5E instructional model, beginning with the exploration of a phenomenon.

The 5E instructional model allows students to fully explore scientific phenomena and to draw conclusions together.

See Entire Lesson Experience

Assess Lesson Readiness

Using the Page Keeley Science Probes, determine students’ current understanding to focus instruction and support, and establish a benchmark for learning progression throughout the lesson.


Set the purpose for learning with a scientific phenomenon and essential question to investigate throughout the lesson. Help students set goals for the skills they will develop with the “I will” statement.


Use interactive content to help students understand the concepts more deeply, so they can answer the Essential Question.


Connect literacy and science through inquiry by providing students with an array of print and interactive resources to conduct research and explain their understanding. Students develop research skills while deepening their understanding of core science topics, and learn to connect this learning back to prior experiences and the essential question.


Help students reflect and refine their thinking by revisiting past answers to see how their thinking has changed and explore new options for further refinement of their thinking through investigations, modeling, research and communication with arguments from evidence.


Guide students to demonstrate their understanding by answering the essential question and phenomenon questions and completing a final performance task, eAsessment questions, and an “I Did” statement.

Teacher—Friendly Lesson Plans

Fitting science into your day has never been easier.

Your schedule and the demands of other subjects make it difficult to devote the time you want to science. We get it. That’s why Inspire Science makes it easier to make the time to fit science into your day.

Flexible modules allow you the ability to break down the lessons into manageable pieces, integrate them with materials you already use, and teach what you want and when.

Fast-Track Lesson Planner

Really short on time? Inspire Science has you covered with their carefully organized lesson planning guides that provide a clear view of lesson pacing, science content background, activities, and resources. We even have an adaptable fast-track options that packs a whole lot of science learning into a condensed time frame. Planning and teaching science has never been so easy.

Professional Learning Environment

We all love the excitement that comes from discovery. We also realize that science isn’t the easiest subject to teach, but it’s OK. Inspire Science comes with both extensive support and professional development to ensure that you are able to teach every one of our science lessons with great success—and feel like a real science guru, too!

Quick & Easy Labs

Inspire Science provides user-friendly lab kits with all the materials needed for each hands-on activity in the lessons, available with options for teacher demo or small group collaboration. The materials within each kit are clearly labeled and correlated to each module, making hands-on time as easy as can be.

Digital and Print

An intuitive digital learning experience with print where it matters most

The user-friendly modular format Inspire Science uses makes it easy to find time for science. Each module focuses on the core concepts all within the familiar and proven 5E instructional model, and offers resources (digital and print) to cater to diverse learning styles and modalities. Our digital resources provide the advantages of interactive learning. Our print resources are focused on areas where print matters most—in lesson planning, reading, journal writing, and problem solving.

Teacher Edition

Teacher Edition

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Science Paired Read Alouds

Science Paired Read Alouds

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Leveled Readers

Leveled Readers

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Be a Scientist Notebook

Be a Scientist Notebook

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