We worked with leading subject experts Page Keeley and Dinah Zike to develop content for Inspire Science. Drawing on their breadth of knowledge and their passion for science, they helped make Inspire Science engaging, informative and fun.

Page Keeley M.Ed.

Page Keeley is the author of the well-known Page Keeley Science probes, formative assessment tools designed to uncover student misconceptions and get a clear picture of where students are in their understanding before the lesson begins to focus instruction and support. Each Inspire Science lesson begins with a Page Keeley Science probe that includes multiple points in the lesson experience to evaluate how students how students are progressing in their thinking as a result of the instruction.

"Research shows that formative assessment is one of the most effective ways to support conceptual learning. Formative assessment probes not only uncover what students are really thinking before and throughout the instructional process; they also inform instructional decisions while simultaneously promoting thinking, explanation construction, and argument. I am so pleased to develop probes for Inspire Science that will build a bridge between students' ideas and the rich, robust content they will learn."

Dinah Zike M.Ed.

Dinah Zike is an award-winning author, educator and inventor known for designing three-dimensional hands-on manipulatives and graphic organizers known as Foldables® and VKVs® (Visual Kinesthetic Vocabulary®). Dinah's kinesthetic learning aids are used nationally and internationally by teachers, parents and educational publishing companies. Each Inspire Science lesson includes a Foldable and several VKVs which are used to reinforce the terminology and key concepts needed to understand and enhance science and engineering classroom experiences.

"Students visiting a museum do not run to boards of displayed text, but they will run to raise a hinged board to discover what is underneath. Much as a science and engineering museum has interactive exhibits, the Foldables featured in the exciting new Inspire Science program provide students with interactive self­questioning activities, while the VKVs allow students to create, manipulate and master science terminology."

Dr. Jay Hackett

Dr. Jay Hackett, a science educator and veteran McGraw-Hill elementary school science author, is an emeritus professor of earth sciences at the University of Northern Colorado. As a professor on loan to the National Research Council, he assisted in the development of Inquiry and the National Science Education Standards: A Guide for Teaching and Learning. He is a past recipient of the William R. Ross Science Award as an Honored Alumnus of the University of Northern Colorado.

Dr. Richard Moyer

Dr. Richard Moyer, award-winning educator and science author, is an emeritus professor of science education and natural sciences at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and has been an elementary and middle school science author for McGraw-Hill for over 32 years. He is the co-author of Everyday Engineering: Putting the E in STEM Teaching and Learning, a book that looks at the engineering of the simple devices we use daily. He and Dr. Hackett are co-authors of the college science methods book, Teaching Science as Investigations.

Dr. Jo Anne Vasquez

Dr. Jo Anne Vasquez has been a classroom teacher, a district science specialist, an adjunct professor, VP & Programs Director for STEM Initiatives at Helios Education Foundation and currently is a STEM Education Consultant. She is the Past President of the National Science Teachers Association and the National Science Leadership Association and is the only K-12 teacher ever to be appointed to the National Science Board. She received the 2007 New York Academy of Science’s “Willard Jacobson Award” for major contribution to the field of science education and was the 2004 NALEO (National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials) honoree for her contributions to improving education.

Dr. Dorothy J.T. Terman

Dr. Dorothy J.T. Terman is a veteran McGraw-Hill author and currently serves as a consultant in inquiry-based science curriculum implementation. For 21 years, Dorothy was Science Coordinator for California’s Irvine Unified School District. She has expertise in gender equity in education, having worked with astronaut Sally Ride in Dr. Ride’s efforts to encourage girls’ interest in science and engineering. Dorothy has received many awards, including the Ohaus Award from the National Science Teachers Association for Innovation in Elementary Science Education.

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