Journey Across Time

Journey Across Time is a middle school world history program organized chronologically from the first humans and ancient civilizations to the present. Co-authored by National Geographic and Jackson Spielvogel, Journey Across Time's engaging narrative and outstanding visuals transport students back in time.

About the Program

As co-author, National Geographic ensures that students understand the influence of geography on historical events. The result is a standards-based program with important geography skills embedded in every lesson.

Journey Across Time: Early Ages is available also.

Program Components

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Additional Details & Resources

  • Research Base for Journey Across Time
    Research conducted on Discovering Our Past: Ancient Civilizations in schools across the United States using quantitative and qualitative methods was collected and compiled to support the effectiveness of Discovering Our Past: Ancient Civilizations in classrooms. Research methods used include focus groups, teacher discussion groups, and classroom visits. Summaries of this data are also included in this booklet. The section entitled "Program Research"? includes independent research on reading, learning styles, and geography and cartography. The section entitled "Results and Validation"? both quantitative and qualitative research based on independent studies conducted with classroom teachers.