Human Genetics: Concepts and Applications, Lewis 2015 11th Edition

Human Genetics: Concepts and Applications approaches the once obscure science of genetics by integrating its principles and concepts, and empowering students through engagement. The new eleventh edition has evolved with the science, establishing genetics as the basis for medical science.

About the Program

Updates to this edition include:

  • Introducing genetic testing, from preconception through lifetime
  • Presenting stem cell technology as an approach to disease
  • Helping students understand the re-emergence of gene therapy
  • Engaging students in gene silencing and genome editing
  • Clarifying personal genome sequencing: promises and limitations

This edition is also available with Connect®, the integrated learning platform that features complete electronic test banks, robust reporting tools for students and teachers, and SmartBook™, the adaptive, interactive eBook powered by LearnSmart™.

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