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Glencoe Algebra I delivers the depth of content required to meet the new changes in your state’s standards; provides relevant applications for teens; unique instructional resources for teachers; and is available in print, online, and on CD-ROM or DVD formats.

About the Program


  • Aligned to rigorous state and national standards, including the American Diploma Project’s Benchmarks, the College Board Standards for Student Success, and the NTCM Principles & Standards for School Mathematics.
  • Engaging, high interest applications in every lesson bring mathematics to life for teens. Motivating Real-World Problem-Solving Graphic Novels include a variety of teen-relevant problem solving stories in a graphic novel format. Hand-On Labs and Graphing Technology Labs promote active learning.
  • Supports all learners by using Math in Motion Animations, Interactive Labs, and BrainPOP® videos to visually and dynamically demonstrate mathematical content; have students use the Personal Tutor videos for every example when additional understanding is required; and provide students with free access to step-by-step exercise solutions at
  • Addresses different learning styles with our use of Multiple Representations in key concepts and in exercises specifically written to require the use of multiple representations for their solution. Involve students in higher order thinking situations with our exclusive set of H.O.T. Problems found in every set of Practice and Problem Solving Exercises.
  • Helps students who may be performing two or more years below grade level with Math Triumphs - Foundations for Algebra 1, a unique resource for Tier 3 Response to Intervention (RtI) needs.
  • Helps students organize their notes and prepare for tests with Glencoe's exclusive Foldables® study organizers and with our new Study Notebook resource.


  • Chapter 0 Preparing for Algebra

Unit 1 Foundations for Functions

  • Chapter 1 Expressions, Equations, and Functions
  • Chapter 2 Linear Equations

Unit 2 Linear Functions and Relations

  • Chapter 3 Linear Functions
  • Chapter 4 Linear Functions and Relations
  • Chapter 5 Linear Inequalities
  • Chapter 6 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities

Unit 3 Nonlinear Expressions, Equations, and Functions

  • Chapter 7 Polynomials
  • Chapter 8 Factoring and Quadratic Equations
  • Chapter 9 Quadratic and Exponential Functions

Unit 4 Advanced Functions and Equations

  • Chapter 10 Radical Expressions and Geometry
  • Chapter 11 Rational Functions and Equations

Unit 5 Data Analysis

  • Chapter 12 Statistics and Probability


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  • Research Base for Glencoe Algebra 1
    This paper describes research results in several key areas of mathematics education: curriculum, educational principles, instructional strategies, and mathematical concepts and skills. It points out the Glencoe features that exemplify these research results and provides page numbers of selected examples. A comprehensive list of research references is included.