Culinary Essentials © 2016

Grade Levels: 9-12
Culinary Essentials teaches students the essential knowledge and skills needed to become culinary professionals and work in a professional food service environment. Culinary Essentials exposes students to real-world culinary careers and the practical business aspects of working in a food service setting. The text focuses on safety and sanitation; the value of quality customer service; food service management and standards; standardized recipes; lab-based food preparation and cooking techniques; culinary nutrition; and menu planning and development.

About the Program

Features include:

  • Hands-on approach includes unit-length Culinary Projects and chapter-based Certification Prep activities, Culinary Lab applications, and step-by-step illustrations are perfect tools to help prepare for SkillsUSA.
  • Safety Check and Sanitation Check features stress the importance of safe preparation practices in handling foods and cooking tools
  • Academic Standards, Critical Thinking and Reading Skills, and Real World Skills and Applications follow students throughout the text
  • Nutrition Notes, Small Bites, and other features zero in on key facts students need to know
  • Instruction tips and techniques provide advice and information on how to better address differentiated instruction and the diverse classroom.
  • Content updates include new images throughout and updates MyPyramid to MyPlate.

Culinary Essentials © 2016 features online resources on the MHE ConnectED platform empowering teachers to easily teach, manage classroom assignments, and engage students. Teachers can access the student eBook, digital resources, assessment and planning tools in one convenient location. Print teacher editions are available print-on-demand on Create™.

Program Components

  • Glencoe Culinary Essentials, Online Teacher Center, 1 year subscription
    Glencoe Culinary Essentials, Online Teacher Center, 1 year subscription
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