Biology (Mader), AP Edition

Mader's Biology focuses on inquiry-based learning and the AP* Biology curriculum, using thought-provoking examples to introduce Big Ideas. Students learn science practices and review the process of science. Features within the text contain content focused either on one of the AP Big Ideas or on the Nature of Science.

Biology (Mader), AP Edition

This text also includes:

  • Essential Questions at the beginning of each chapter guide student reading.
  • Chapter 1 introduces the Big Ideas and science practices.
  • Following the Big Idea and Reviewing the Big Idea explain how Big Ideas are covered in the chapter.
  • Applying the Big Idea questions provide students with practice answering AP-style Free-Response Questions.
  • Applying the Science Practices allows students to use science practices by completing data analysis activities.

Mader's Biology also offers:

  • The NEW AP Focus Review Guide workbook, which helps students review and apply the essential AP content covered in each chapter.
  • An AP Teacher's Manual, which provides teaching strategies, suggested activities, and labs.
  • Connect® is an integrated learning system that contains SmartBook™, an adaptive eBook built on the LearnSmart™ engine. Connect® also offers AP Biology Chapter Banks that review chapter content using AP-style questions. All questions are correlated to the AP Biology Curriculum Framework.
  • A downloadable eBook (available through ConnectED).

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