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Grade Levels: 2-2
Videos, Read Alouds, Science Songs, and Vocabulary Photo Cards reinforce key science vocabulary and core science concepts in a fun and easy-to-use format. GLANCE through differentiated instruction ideas, GRAB the ones you like, and GO to class prepared! Lessons are customized to fit your classroom needs!

About the Program

SRA Snapshots Simply Science, written by Dr. John Lucas, provides quick and easy tools that allow you to integrate science concepts into your classroom. This program differentiates instruction, enhances literacy skills, and uses technology to reach different learning styles.

SHR Science Learning Approach

With our exclusive SHR Science Learning Approach, no matter what the learning style, your students learn the basic science concepts and key vocabulary they need to be successful in today's science classroom.

See Science

With SRA Snapshots Simply Science, your students see science through our fast-paced video lessons that build background knowledge using audio in both English and Spanish and visuals.

Hear Science

Paired fiction and nonfiction read-aloud books come to life in the digital version with audio available in English and Spanish. This helps transition students from fun narratives to informational texts while teaching core science concepts.

Learn Science

Through the corresponding science songs audio CD in both English and Spanish, students are able to familiarize science concepts and vocabulary with unique tunes and lyrics. The unique format allows the teacher to provide quick and easy lessons that meet the needs of different learners and provide an opportunity for students to apply concepts through hands-on science activities.

The Teacher Kit includes everything needed to support your students' learning: Video DVD, Digital Read Aloud CD-ROM, Read Aloud Books (9 per pack), Vocabulary Photo and Routine Cards (95 per level), Science Songs Audio CD, Teacher's Idea Book, Teacher Resource CD-ROM, and a convenient carrying case.

Program Components

  • SRA Snapshots Simply Science, Complete Teacher Kit, Level 2
    SRA Snapshots Simply Science, Complete Teacher Kit, Level 2
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Additional Details & Resources

Research Base
  • Research Base for Snapshots Simply Science
    Research fully supports the integration of science content and concepts and literacy skills. SRA Snapshots Simply Science™ effectively combines the two in a successful read-aloud based science program. Research shows that learning science content at the same time as learning reading and comprehension skills will help young students in both their content area classes and in reading classes in the future.
  • Snapshots Simply Science and ELL Students
    Snapshots Simply Science™ provides science instruction through video lessons, student read-aloud books, visual vocabulary cards, and support materials. The core science content, which is standards-aligned, provides scaffolding in multiple ways to meet the varied needs of ELL students. This report lists research documentation that supports the techniques used by Snapshots Simply Science to increase learning for English language learners.