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The modern, yet approachable narrative in The Science of Psychology provides students with a scientific approach to psychology, placing function before dysfunction. Special inserts such as Touring the Brain and Nervous System feature detailed color transparencies to help students understand these biological functions. This new AP edition also includes many features designed specifically to help AP students succeed in the course and on the exam.

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Additional Details & Resources

  • CHAPTER 1 What is Psychology?
  • CHAPTER 2 Psychology’s Scientific Method
  • CHAPTER 3 Biological Foundations of Behavior
  • CHAPTER 4 Sensation and Perception
  • CHAPTER 5 States of Consciousness
  • CHAPTER 6 Learning
  • CHAPTER 7 Memory
  • CHAPTER 8 Thinking, Intelligence, and Language
  • CHAPTER 9 Human Development
  • CHAPTER 10 Motivation and Emotion
  • CHAPTER 11 Gender, Sex, and Sexuality
  • CHAPTER 12 Personality
  • CHAPTER 13 Social Psychology
  • CHAPTER 14 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • CHAPTER 15 Psychological Disorders
  • CHAPTER 16 Therapies
  • CHAPTER 17 Health Psychology