Civics Today: Citizenship, Economics, and You © 2007

Many young citizens are completing their education with little or no sense of civic responsibility. This program teaches the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective, active citizen. It also encourages an appreciation for the American political system and fosters a willingness to take part in American democracy.

About the Program

Civics Today: Citizenship, Economics, and You meets the content standards for civics and government as outlined by the National Standards for Civics and Government.

Two economics units provide an understanding of the interrelationship between democracy and the free enterprise system.  

Program Components

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Additional Details & Resources

Research Base

  • Civics Today Research Study
    This summary provides an overview of the research-based framework study of Glencoe’s Civics Today: Citizenship, Economics, & You contained in this booklet. The section entitled Research on the Elements of an Effective Textbook includes independent research on reading, learning styles, and geography and cartography. The section entitled Research on the Effectiveness of Glencoe’s Social Studies Textbooks includes both quantitative and qualitative research based on independent studies conducted with classroom teachers.