Research, Success, and Thought Leadership for the Wonders PreK–6 Literacy Curriculum

Research Studies and Success Stories for Wonders

Wonders uses research-proven instruction and best practices to help students grow as readers, writers, and critical thinkers.

Take a look at Wonders efficacy and success! This research compendium includes:

  • Independent efficacy studies
  • Testimonials from a wide range of districts
  • Educator perception survey

Research-based Support for English Learners

As the United States continues to become more culturally and linguistically diverse, there is a pressing need for fundamental principles that guide the support of English learners as they acquire content and develop language.

Drawing upon extensive research in the field, McGraw Hill has developed the following nine guiding principles for supporting English learners at all grade levels and in all disciplines:

  • Provide Specialized Instruction
  • Cultivate Meaning
  • Teach Structure and Form
  • Develop Language in Context
  • Scaffold to Support Access
  • Foster Interaction
  • Create Affirming Cultural Spaces
  • Engage Home to Enrich Instruction
  • Promote Multilingualism

Education Thought Leaders on Literacy

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