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WordShop: Level G

WordShop: Level G

Grade Levels: 7
By McGraw-Hill Education
Copyright: 1998
Publication Date: January 1, 1998
MHID: 0890619271
ISBN 13: 9780890619278

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Key Features

Three Types of Lessons. Helps students to determine the meaning of words using three different approaches: curricular readings, theme readings, and root lessons.

Two-Step Lessons. Students build better vocabulary retention by first unlocking the meaning of words in context, then applying the meaning in a reading or writing situation.

Special Test–Taking Features. Four special features are designed to help students take standardized tests.

Assessment Tests. Students can easily track their progress through the use of two-page assessment tests following every three lessons.

Dictionary. Allows students quick reference to the meanings of words they are learning.

WordShop: Level G

Lesson 1
Context Clues: The Humanities
Prometheus and Epimetheus

Lesson 2
Vocabulary of Business

Lesson 3
The Roots -para- and -peri-

Assessment, Lessons 1-3

Lesson 4
Context Clues: Social Studies
The Teapot Dome Affair

Lesson 5
Vocabulary of Appearance

Lesson 6
The Roots -graph-, -scribe-, and -script-

Assessment, Lessons 4-6

Lesson 7
Context Clues: The Sciences
Hole in the Sky

Lesson 8
Vocabulary of Anger and Violence

Lesson 9
Number Prefixes

Assessment, Lessons 7-9

Lesson 10
Context Clues: The Humanities
The Tale of Osebo's Drum

Lesson 11
Vocabulary of Quality and Worth

Lesson 12
The Prefix de-

Assessment, Lessons 10-12

Lesson 13
Context Clues: Social Studies
Harriet Tubman

Lesson 14
Confusing Words

Lesson 15
Adjective Suffixes

Assessment, Lessons 13-15

Lesson 16
Context Clues: The Sciences

Lesson 17
Vocabulary of Literature

Lesson 18
Noun Suffixes

Assessment, Lessons 16-18

Lesson 19
Context Clues: The Humanities
Coyote Enters the Upper World: A Nez Percé Story

Lesson 20
Vocabulary of Thinking and Learning

Lesson 21
The Roots -cede-, -cess-, -mit-, and -mis-

Assessment, Lessons 19-21

Lesson 22
Context Clues: Social Studies
Matthew Henson, Arctic Explorer

Lesson 23
Vocabulary of Travel and Movement

Lesson 24
The Roots -vert- and -verse-

Assessment, Lessons 22-24

Lesson 25
Context Clues: The Sciences
World Habitats

Lesson 26
Vocabulary from Foreign Languages

Lesson 27
The Prefixes im- and in-

Assessment, Lessons 25-27

Lesson 28
Context Clues: The Humanities
Arachne, the Weaver: A Greek Myth

Lesson 29
Vocabulary of Strengths and Weaknesses

Lesson 30
Related Words

Assessment, Lessons 28-30

Lesson 31
Context Clues: Social Studies
Great Tombs

Lesson 32
Vocabulary of Speaking and Writing

Lesson 33
The Prefix dis-

Assessment, Lessons 31-33

Lesson 34
Context Clues: The Sciences
Inventors and Inventions

Lesson 35
Vocabulary of Smell and Taste

Lesson 36
The Prefixes com-, con-, and col-

Assessment, Lessons 34-36


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