Understanding Business and Personal Law, Student Edition https://www.mheducation.com/cover-images/Jpeg_250-high/0078266092.jpeg 9 - 12 9780078266096
Understanding Business and Personal Law, Student Edition

Understanding Business and Personal Law, Student Edition

Grade Levels: 9 - 12
By McGraw-Hill
Copyright: 2003
Publication Date: March 26, 2002
MHID: 0078266092
ISBN 13: 9780078266096

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New Features

Your Justice Journal requires students to read the material, think analytically, and use their writing skills to successfully complete the activity.

Law & Academics explores the connections between the law and other academic disciplines, and uses structured activities to develop reading, mathematics, and other academic skills that are useful to students throughout the curriculum.

Virtual Law involves students in technology-related issues and asks them to research topics by using the Internet.

Key Features

Power Reading Strategies help students comprehend and retain knowledge of the law by asking them to predict, connect, question, and respond to legal issues.

The Opening Scene in each chapter previews the legal issues to come by providing students with a realistic context in which to identify, discuss, and critically examine the law as it may be relevant to their daily lives.

Understanding Business and Personal Law, Student Edition

Unit 1 Understanding the Law and Our Legal System

Chapter 1 Ethics and the Law

Chapter 2 The Court System

Chapter 3 Criminal Law 

Chapter 4 The Law of Torts

Unit 2 Entering Into Contracts

Chapter 5 How Contracts Arise

Chapter 6 Genuine Agreement

Chapter 7 Contractual Capacity

Chapter 8 Consideration

Chapter 9 Legality

Chapter 10 Form of the Contract

Chapter 11 How Contracts Come to an End

Chapter 12 Transfer of Contracts and Remedies for Breach

Unit 3 Understanding Consumer Law

Chapter 13 Contracts for the Sale of Goods

Chapter 14 The Importance of Warranties

Chapter 15 Consumer Protection and Product Liability

Chapter 16 Owning a Vehicle

Chapter 17 Personal Property and Bailments

Unit 4 Being an Agent and Getting a Job

Chapter 18 Creation of an Agency

Chapter 19 Agency Relationships and Their Termination

Chapter 20 Employment Law

Chapter 21 Employment Protection and Equal Opportunity

Unit 5 Using Your Purchasing Power

Chapter 22 Borrowing Money and Buying on Credit

Chapter 23 Negotiable Instruments

Chapter 24 Writing Checks

Chapter 25 Transferring Negotiable Instruments

Chapter 26 Collecting Negotiable Instruments

Unit 6 Starting a Business

Chapter 27 Sole Proprietorship and Partnership

Chapter 28 Forming and Financing a Corporation

Chapter 29 Operating a Corporation

Chapter 30 Regulation and Expansion of a Corporation

Unit 7 Planning for the Future

Chapter 31 Marriage

Chapter 32 Divorce and Its Legal Consequences

Chapter 33 Renting a Place to Live

Chapter 34 Buying a Home

Chapter 35 Insurance Protection

Chapter 36 Retirement and Wills

Appendix: Great American Documents



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