The Stage and the School, Student Edition 9 - 12 9780078616273
The Stage and the School, Student Edition

The Stage and the School, Student Edition

Grade Levels: 9 - 12
By McGraw-Hill
Copyright: 2005
Publication Date: January 27, 2004
MHID: 0078616271
ISBN 13: 9780078616273

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The Stage and the School, Student Edition

Part One: Interpreting the Drama

Chapter One - Improvisation
Chapter Two - Pantomime and Mime
Chapter Three - Voice and Diction
Chapter Four - Acting
Feature: Theater Etiquette

Part Two: A Treasury of Scenes and Monologues

Scenes for One Man and One Woman
Scenes for Two Women
Scenes for Two Men
Scenes for Mixed Groups
Monologues for Women
Monologues for Men
Feature: Readers Theater

Part Three: Appreciating the Drama

Chapter Five - The Structure of Drama
Chapter Six - Varieties of Drama
Chapter Seven - History of Drama
Feature: Puppet Theater

Part Four: Producing the Drama

Chapter Eight - Producing the Play
Chapter Nine - Producing the Musical Play
Chapter Ten - Stage Settings
Chapter Eleven - Lighting and Sound
Chapter Twelve - Costuming
Chapter Thirteen - Makeup
Feature: How to Judge a Play

Part Five: Adapting and Interpreting the Drama

Chapter Fourteen - Theater and Other Media
Chapter Fifteen - Theater and Other Art Forms
Feature: Media and Culture

Reference Section
How to Write a Dramatic Script

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