Spanish 4, Galleria de arte y Vida, Student Edition 4 9780026765954
Spanish 4, Galleria de arte y Vida, Student Edition

Spanish 4, Galleria de arte y Vida, Student Edition

Grade Levels: 4
By McGraw-Hill
Copyright: 1997
Publication Date: January 29, 1996
MHID: 0026765950
ISBN 13: 9780026765954

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Key Features

The text is composed of twelve units (cuadros), each structured around such universal themes as art, humor, heroism, and women.

Each unit contains background material, prereading activities, questions that promote conversations relating to the unit theme, a selection of authors and literary genres, and discussion topics.

Students will engage in their first in-depth study of Spanish authors and literary styles. From Miguel de Cervantes to Isabel Allende, students will be exposed to fine examples of Spanish literature.

The text builds students' knowledge of the structure of Spanish through exercises that reinforce and expand grammar comprehension.

Students compare and contrast the various Spanish-speaking cultures by informative reading and cooperative learning activities.

The program includes communicative activities and recorded exercises.

More than a collection of literature and grammar exercises, Galería is also a treasure trove of fine art, including works from Picasso, El Greco, Miró, Tamayo, Kahlo, and more.

Spanish 4, Galleria de arte y Vida, Student Edition


Cuadro 1 El Arte

Cuadro 2 El humorisomo

Cuadro 3 El heroísmo

Cuadro 4 El indio

Cuadro 5 La leyenda

Cuadro 6 Sentimientos y pasiones

Cuadro 7 Tierra y libertad

Cuadro 8 El Último viaje

Cuadro 9 Caprichos del destino

Cuadro 10 La mujer

Cuadro 11 La fantasía y la imaginación

Cuadro 12 La inspiración y a esperanza




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