Six-Way Paragraphs: Middle 6 - 12 9780844221199
Six-Way Paragraphs: Middle

Six-Way Paragraphs: Middle

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 6 - 12
MHID: 0844221198 |  ISBN 13: 9780844221199

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Key Features

Concentrated skill topics. Sharpens skills in the six reading areas.

New introductory level. Students with a readability level of 1-4 can build targeted skills.

High-interest, nonfiction passages. Engages a wide range of readers while giving students experience in factual writing.

Distinct readability levels in each book. Students with a variety of reading levels can work in the same book and with the same skills as their peers.

Comprehensive lesson on the six vital skills. Provides in-depth explanation and examples for each of the targeted skills.

100 passages per book. Repeated practice ensures mastery of the six skills.

Diagnostic Chart and Progress Graph in each book. Allows teacher and student to determine which skills are challenging and set a path to correct them.

Six-Way Paragraphs: Middle

The Paragraph

To the Student

To the Instructor

  1. Feathery Homes

  2. Outsmarting the Enemy

  3. Rain Forests

  4. Puta Lidonit

  5. Two Unhappy Firsts

  6. Sea Turtles

  7. The Whale Clan

  8. Give Them a Hand

  9. Six-Legged Workers

  10. The Collapsing Road

  11. A Whale of a Story

  12. The Hermit

  13. Forever Amber

  14. Jumbo

  15. Stunt People

  16. A Dragon That Flies

  17. A Dangerous Weather Maker

  18. Oldest, Youngest, or in the Middle?

  19. A Very Old Riddle

  20. Protect Your Hearing

  21. The Wizard of Wall Street

  22. Surviving in Very Cold Climates

  23. Let's Shake on It

  24. Slow but Sure

  25. Scallops and Clams

  26. Joker's Wild

  27. The Mysterious Iceman

  28. They'll Eat Anything

  29. No Laughing Matter

  30. Abe's Favorite Story

  31. A Perfect Match

  32. The Great Invasion

  33. The Ship with Four Legs

  34. The Octopus Plant

  35. Monkey Do

  36. Courage and Skill

  37. No Chance to Dream

  38. The World's Oldest Sport

  39. Glass on the Beach

  40. The Monstrous Flower

  41. Famous Horses of the Past

  42. A Safe Place to Sleep

  43. The Ancient Cockroach

  44. Without Hook and Line

  45. Watch Out for Quicksand!

  46. The Prince Tames a Horse

  47. No Moisture Here!

  48. Protected by Armor

  49. Knock! Knock!

  50. Never Say Die

  51. Leaf-Cutters

  52. A Hard and Beautiful Mineral

  53. No Runs, No Hits, and Too Many Errors

  54. The Code Talkers

  55. Feeling the Forecast

  56. The African Elephant

  57. Jaws

  58. Are You Superstitious?

  59. The Badger

  60. Altitude Sickness

  61. A Light Blazing Across the Sky

  62. The Great Stock Market Crash

  63. The World's Greatest Athlete?

  64. Vipers

  65. The Black Death

  66. The Man from Stratford

  67. Once Poison, Now a Food

  68. Developing the Desktop Computer

  69. A Dish Fit for Royalty

  70. Asteroids and Meteorites

  71. El Niño

  72. The Witch's Wind

  73. A Fighter for Justice

  74. What Makes a Dynasty?

  75. A Leader of Her Country

  76. A Maker of Mobiles

  77. Fire Is Fearsome

  78. Garlic: The Magic Cure-All

  79. Cover Your Eyes!

  80. Flying Tigers

  81. A Bird That Never Really Dies

  82. The Beginnings of Television

  83. A Reward for Heroism

  84. I Wouldn't Try It Again

  85. Eye Facts

  86. Life on Other Planets?

  87. Early Passenger Planes

  88. The Giant Saguaro

  89. Horse Sense

  90. Our Inner Senses

  91. Countries in Miniature

  92. Take a Ride on the Interstate

  93. A Fabled African Land

  94. The Great Wild West Show

  95. A Terrible Year

  96. A Gift to the People

  97. Animals Beware!

  98. The Day of the Dead

  99. The Greatest Jumper

  100. The Ageless Wonder

Answer Key

Diagnostic Chart

Progress Graph