Six-Way Paragraphs in the Content Areas: Middle Level 6 - 12 9780809203727
Six-Way Paragraphs in the Content Areas: Middle Level

Six-Way Paragraphs in the Content Areas: Middle Level

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 6 - 12
MHID: 0809203723 |  ISBN 13: 9780809203727

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Key Features

Concentrated skills. Focuses on the six skills that will help students read successfully.

High-interest nonfiction at every level. Engages students with a wide variety of readings in each category.

100 passages in every book. Four reading levels in each book with 25 passages at each level improve reading skills and ensure mastery.

Comprehensive lesson on the six vital skills. Provides in-depth explanations and examples for each of the targeted skills.

Diagnostic Chart and Progress Graph in each book. Help monitor progress and determine which skills need additional practice.

Six-Way Paragraphs in the Content Areas: Middle Level

To the Student

To the Teacher

Life Science and Physical Science

A Great American Playwright

How Much Do You Save?

Gold and Silver Worth $30 Million

Plate Tectonics: A Very Slow Ride


Not Just a White Man's War

Beyond the Domino

An Essential Scientific Process

Scraping the Sky

Prime and Composite Numbers

Pavlov's Bewitched Dogs

Black Holes

The Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Random Numbers

Where in the World?

Unlocking the Human Genome

Novels of War

"Monday's Child Is Fair of Face"

Shirley Chisholm, Political Trailblazer


Classical Music

Making a Budget

The Homeless

Recognizing Volcanoes

The Art of Frida Kahlo

The Quadragenarian in the Quadrangle

The Sahara

Making Silicon Chips

The Harlem Renaissance

The Highest Court

Converting Measurements

A Little Lamp to Read By

Native American Pottery

The British in India

Storing a Million Dollars at Home

The Good Mother Dinosaur

The Romantic Poets

Cargo Cults

Patching Things Up with Your Bank

How Snow Begins

Cajun and Zydeco

Xi'an Warriors

Tracking Down HIV

Playing Havoc with Generations

Thirteen Days in October

The Development of Ballet

Chemical Compounds

If This Is San Francisco, It Must Be Yesterday

The Bones Tell Another Story

Shakespeare's Tragedies

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Working Through a Math Puzzle

Port Chicago

A Malaria-Carrying Mosquito

The Gothic Cathedral

Happy 22nd Birthday, Great-Great-Uncle Mike!

The Global Positioning System

Images of Migration

Carbon Is Everywhere

Riding the Stock Market Roller Coaster

An Independent Woman

Telling Tales About People

Newton's Laws of Motion

The Binary Number System

Separate No More

Tales from Ovid

Mr. Jefferson's Moose

Buying and Maintaining an Economy Car

The Changing Middle Class

The Photography of Manuel Alvarez Bravo


Adding 100 Numbers in Minutes

The Seneca Falls Convention

Tap Dancing

George Washington and the Gregorian Calendar


Brazil's Favelas

Caribbean Writers

Who Drinks Mineral Water?

Kinds of Rock

"Don't Ride the Buses"


Getting Out of Credit Card Debt

Endangered Amphibians

Antarctica Is There Something There?

Thinking in the Metric System

A New Vision of Nature

Come In. It's COOL Inside!

Evacuation from Saigon

Winning Combinations

Native American Literature

Can You Hear This?

Resurrecting a Spanish Galleon

What a Coincidence!

Dance, Medieval Style

Genetic Engineering

Who Planned This Park?

Avoiding Supermarket Booby Traps

A Play for Every Decade

Answer Keys

Diagnostic Charts

Progress Graphs