Six-Way Paragraphs in the Content Areas: Advanced Level 6 - 12 9780809203734
Six-Way Paragraphs in the Content Areas: Advanced Level

Six-Way Paragraphs in the Content Areas: Advanced Level

Grade Levels: 6 - 12
By McGraw-Hill
Copyright: 2001
Publication Date: February 12, 2001
MHID: 0809203731
ISBN 13: 9780809203734

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Key Features

Concentrated skills. Focuses on the six skills that will help students read successfully.

High-interest nonfiction at every level. Engages students with a wide variety of readings in each category.

100 passages in every book. Four reading levels in each book with 25 passages at each level improve reading skills and ensure mastery.

Comprehensive lesson on the six vital skills. Provides in-depth explanations and examples for each of the targeted skills.

Diagnostic Chart and Progress Graph in each book. Help monitor progress and determine which skills need additional practice.

Six-Way Paragraphs in the Content Areas: Advanced Level

To the Student

To the Teacher

Not Quite as It Seems

Descended from Dinosaurs

Space Invaders

Get Me to the Airport on Time

Famous Fiddles


City Planning

Brother, Can You Spare $100,000?

What Is a Wat?

Blankets of Ice

Archaeological Fact or Fiction?

The Golden Rectangle

A New Kind of Play

In or Out of the Water?

A Deadly Game of Hide and Seek

Double or Nothing

To Focus or Not to Focus

Peering into the Sky

Can the Earth Feed Its People?

Can We Get Rid of Some Zeros?

A Little Book of Poetry

The Earth's Blankets

The Family

Birthday Twins

Nigerian Bronzes

To Soar Like a Bird

Alexandria's Sunken City

Geometry on the Floor

Asian-American Themes

Physical, Chemical, or Nuclear?

Please Continue

Good for Nothing?

To Whom Are You Speaking?

Falling from the Skies

The Mystery of the Ancient Ones

Two Types of Spirals

Which House Is the Bauhaus?

Achieving Cardiovascular Fitness

Bigger and Bigger

The Romance of Arthur

Just Like Jack and the Beanstalk

The Earth Moved

Very Separate, Very Unequal

Theater from the Heart

An Intense Beam of Light

The Toss of a Coin

You Have the Right to Remain Silent

Stepping Lively

Is lt Real, or Is lt...?

Drawing on the Definition

1968: A Watershed Year

Squiggles and Colors on Canvas


Zeno's Paradoxes

Good, Bad, or in Between

Tales of the Terrible Past

Bacteria Killers

A Creative Leap

Looking for Mr. Spenser

Making Drama from History

A Multiuse Substance

What's Rational About That?

Suu Kyi's Struggle

Getting Inside Characters' Head

Infection Makers

Precision and Common Sense

Domestic Violence

Building the Wright Way

Seeing Double

What's It Worth to You?

Unwritten History

It's Not What You Say, but How You Say It

A Chain of Life

A Visual Illusion

Growing Your Brain

Equilateral and Equiangular

Time Passes, Seasons Change

Real-World Robots

Psychological Research

Looking Across for Answers

Water to Drink

Flying People and Never-Ending Storms

The End of a Friendship

Only Length Times Width?


All That Jazz

A Constant Battle

Helpful or Harmful?

Making Patterns with Numbers

Seeing the World Centuries Ago


The Impossible Equation

Forever Warm

Isn't It Absurd?


Just Rolling Along

Keep Those Teeth Clean!

The City on the Rise

The Challenge of Fitting In

Putting the Pieces Together

Answer Keys

Diagnostic Charts

Progress Graphs

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