Six-Way Paragraphs: Advanced 6 - 12 9780844221236
Six-Way Paragraphs: Advanced

Six-Way Paragraphs: Advanced

Grade Levels: 6 - 12
By Walter Pauk
Copyright: 2000
Publication Date: October 1, 1999
MHID: 0844221236
ISBN 13: 9780844221236

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Key Features

Concentrated skill topics. Sharpens skills in the six reading areas.

New introductory level. Students with a readability level of 1-4 can build targeted skills.

High-interest, nonfiction passages. Engages a wide range of readers while giving students experience in factual writing.

Distinct readability levels in each book. Students with a variety of reading levels can work in the same book and with the same skills as their peers.

Comprehensive lesson on the six vital skills. Provides in-depth explanation and examples for each of the targeted skills.

100 passages per book. Repeated practice ensures mastery of the six skills.

Diagnostic Chart and Progress Graph in each book. Allows teacher and student to determine which skills are challenging and set a path to correct them.

Six-Way Paragraphs: Advanced

The Paragraph

To the Student

To the Instructor

  1. Tulipmania

  2. Crack Shot

  3. Keeping a Promise

  4. Acrobatic Worms

  5. The Century Flower

  6. But It Tastes Good

  7. A Strange Naval Battle

  8. Count Dracula: Fact or Fiction?

  9. The Kingly Monarch Butterfly

  10. The Last Soldier

  11. Gruesome Plants

  12. Early Doctoring Practices

  13. A Fishy Story

  14. The Terra Cotta Army

  15. Another Look at Spiders

  16. An Ancient Disaster

  17. The First National Monument

  18. An Artistic Mystery

  19. A Well-Balanced Act

  20. Why Do They Do It?

  21. Thunderstorms

  22. Rats

  23. The Soccer War

  24. Bird or Mammal?

  25. A Wise Man

  26. King Tut's Tomb

  27. Nine Young Prisoners

  28. Are You a Good Detective?

  29. The Amazing Recovery

  30. A Blaze of Glory

  31. The Story of Storks

  32. A Natural Contract

  33. The Mad Emperor

  34. Dodgson's Dictionary

  35. Early African-American Cowboys

  36. Who's Superstitious?

  37. The Titanic's Sisters

  38. Victorious Crickets

  39. Life in the Deep

  40. Forced to Try Anything

  41. The World's Bloodiest Acre

  42. How Hollywood Went "Hollywood"

  43. Eyeglasses

  44. The Charge of O'Higgins's Brigade

  45. Stronger Than an Elephant

  46. Insects for Dinner

  47. The Exploits of Nellie Bly

  48. Just a Coincidence?

  49. Want to Buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

  50. A Greek to Remember

  51. The Story of the Hamburger

  52. What an Actor!

  53. A Mystery Solved

  54. Stylish Living?

  55. Hurricanes

  56. Maker of Great Violins

  57. A Mysterious Island

  58. An Ingenious Solution

  59. Funeral for a Fly

  60. The Telltale Beam

  61. Blowing Their Tops

  62. His Final Escape

  63. Making Money

  64. A Bitter Feud

  65. Champlain's Choice of Friends

  66. An Ancient Puzzle

  67. A Dinosaur Named Sue

  68. The Best Movie of Ali

  69. Beyond the Call of Duty

  70. Living Twice

  71. Queen of the Nile

  72. The World's Largest Diamond

  73. A Short History of Sitcoms

  74. The Deadly Nuisance

  75. Putting the Pieces Together

  76. Life on a Coral Reef

  77. Understanding Ebola

  78. The Greatly Feared Octopus

  79. Helping the Farm Worker

  80. The World's Longest Rivers

  81. Getting a Handle on Time

  82. Creating Those Shooting Stars

  83. Cold or Flu?

  84. Proving Fermat's Last Theorem

  85. The Graveyard of Elephants

  86. The Great Battle for Quebec

  87. A Universal Language

  88. Don't Fool Around with Camels!

  89. Disaster

  90. An Unusual Collaboration

  91. Inventions That Almost Didn't Happen

  92. The Master Forger

  93. Discovering a Treasure Worth Billions

  94. The Trail of Tears

  95. The Work of the WPA

  96. Ballooning Transportation or Competition?

  97. Life in a Biosphere

  98. Missing and Presumed Dead

  99. Hearing Hazards

  100. A Short Career

Answer Key

Diagnostic Chart

Progress Graph