Selections from the Black: Book 4 12 9780890618424
Selections from the Black: Book 4

Selections from the Black: Book 4

Grade Levels: 12
By McGraw-Hill
Copyright: 1998
Publication Date: January 1, 1998
MHID: 0890618429
ISBN 13: 9780890618424

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Key Features

Diverse reading selections. Authentic voices of the black experience—past and present, moderate and bold—in their original forms.

Original works. Develop reading understanding through relevant topics from unedited and unexpurgated selections.

Reading–strengthening exercises. Strengthen student comprehension through exercises designed to improve vocabulary and study skills.

Multiple levels. Reading levels—ranging from 6 to 12+—encourage students to read at their specific level.

Diagnostic Chart and Progress Graph in Each Book. Assists in monitoring progress in reading rate, comprehension, and vocabulary and encourages students to be responsible for their own learning

Selections from the Black: Book 4

Introductory Selection

"Brothers and Sisters," Alice Walker

"The Autobiography of Malcolm X," Malcolm X with Alex Haley

"Philosophy and Opinions," Marcus Garvey

"I love those little booths at Benvenuti's," Gwendolyn Brooks

"Why I Ran Away," Bloke Modisane

"Atlanta Compromise Speech," Booker I. Washington

"Dusk of Dawn," W. F. B. DuBois

"Sweet Lorraine," James Baldwin

"The Hottest Water in Chicago," Gayle Pemberton

"Women, Race, and Class," Angela Y. Davis

"A Touch of Innocence," Katherine Dunham

"Fatheralong," John Edgar Wideman

"The Glory Trumpeter," Derek Walcott

"Showing My Color," Clarence Page

"The Origin and Growth of Afro-American Literature, I," John Henrik Clarke

"The Origin and Growth of Afro-American Literature, II," John Henrik Clarke

"A Century of Negro Portraiture in American Literature," Sterling A. Brown

"Lynch Law in All Its Phases," Ida B. Wells-Barnett

"Indictment of South Africa," Nelson Mandela


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