Research Design and Methods: A Process Approach 13 9780078035456
Research Design and Methods: A Process Approach

Research Design and Methods: A Process Approach

Grade Levels: 13
By Kenneth Bordens and Bruce Barrington Abbott
Copyright: 2014
Publication Date: July 25, 2013
MHID: 0078035457
ISBN 13: 9780078035456

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New Features

Updated research informs the sections on reviewer bias, the effects of prior authorization, ethnography, changing criterion design, and significance testing.

Expanded material enriches the text, including enhancements to the sections on peer review, values in research, external validity, deception in research, content analysis, and judging stable differences in performance across phases.

Chapter 9, Using Survey Research, has been thoroughly revised to include new research on scale labeling, updated research on increasing response rates, new information on combating nonresponsive bias in Web research, a new section on mixed-mode, new information on problems with random digit dialing, and a discussion of address-based sampling.

An updated Online Learning Center offers additional teaching and learning resources. Student material includes multiple choice quizzes, fill-in-the-blank exercises, key terms, a brief overview of APA writing style guidelines, tips on doing literature searches, links to additional information on data analysis, ethical issues related to study participants, avoiding plagiarism, and evaluating web sources. Instructor material includes an instructor’s manual, PowerPoint presentations, and test bank.

New research examples make use of contemporary subjects relevant to today’s students, including texting while walking and the ethics involved in doing research using social media.

Key Features

Emphasis on the decision-making process helps students develop a full appreciation of the power and limitations of each step of the research process along with the role and consequences of choices in research.

Effective presentation of the research process begins with the general principles of research design and how ideas are developed and continues with a thorough consideration of ethical issues.

Comprehensive coverage of methods and design includes in-depth treatments of non-experimental designs, experimental designs, and quasi-experimental and developmental designs.

The “Questions to Ponder” feature disperses thought-provoking questions in various places in each chapter, helping students master material as they read.

Use of real research examples throughout the book demonstrates how various research methods translate in practice.

Research Design and Methods: A Process Approach


Chapter 1, Explaining Behavior

Chapter 2, Developing and Evaluating Theories of Behavior

Chapter 3, Getting Ideas for Research

Chapter 4, Choosing a Research Design

Chapter 5, Making Systematic Observations

Chapter 6, Choosing and Using Research Subjects

Chapter 7, Understanding Ethical Issues in the Research Process

Chapter 8, Using Nonexperimental Research

Chapter 9, Using Survey Research

Chapter 10, Using Between-Subjects and Within-Subjects Experimental Designs

Chapter 11, Using Specialized Research Designs

Chapter 12, Using Single-Subject Designs

Chapter 13, Describing Data

Chapter 14, Using Inferential Statistics

Chapter 15, Using Multivariate Design and Analysis

Chapter 16, Reporting Your Research Results




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About the Author

Kenneth Bordens

University/Purdue University - Fort Wayne

Bruce Barrington Abbott

University/Purdue University