Redbird Mathematics Teacher Subscription, 1 year K - 7 9780079067791

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This is a 1-year, Teacher Edition subscription to Redbird Mathematics (priced per teacher).  For multiple year subscriptions please contact sales.
Redbird Mathematics uses adaptive technology to meet all learners (grades K-7) where they are and accelerate learning. At its heart, Redbird Mathematics is an engaging program that enables students to understand, apply, and create at their specific point on the learning continuum.

• Delivers high-quality, differentiated instruction and support
• Helps learners build confidence in their abilities, engaging in productive struggle that helps them learn how to learn
• Supports success for all students with learning scaffolds, including hints, feedback, and a variety of interactive modes
• Deepens mathematical understanding by approaching material in a variety of ways, using multiple representations

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Redbird Mathematics Teacher Subscription, 1 year

Redbird Mathematics Teacher Subscription, 1 year

National EDITION
Grade Levels: K - 7
MHID: 0079067794 |  ISBN 13: 9780079067791
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