Reading Social Studies High Beginning Student Edition 3 - 4 9780078742330
Reading Social Studies High Beginning Student Edition

Reading Social Studies High Beginning Student Edition

Grade Levels: 3 - 4
By McGraw-Hill Education
Copyright: 2007
Publication Date: January 24, 2006
MHID: 0078742331
ISBN 13: 9780078742330

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New Features

Content-Area Skills and Strategies include:

  • Accessing prior knowledge
  • Content-area vocabulary
  • Academic English
  • Language connection
  • Content connection
  • Organizing ideas
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Recalling facts
  • Understanding ideas
  • Recognizing words in context
  • Distinguishing fact from opinion
  • Making inferences
  • Understanding main ideas
  • Personal response
  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Writing in response to reading
  • Real-world reading
  • Talk it over

Reading Social Studies High Beginning Student Edition

To the Student

Pronunciation Key


The Father of Our Country

The Native Americans' Canoes

How the U.S. Mint Makes Coins

Farming Today

Learning in a One-Room Schoolhouse

Vocabulary Assessment 1-5

The Traditional Kimono of Japan

What Does Folklore Tell Us?

How the City of Angels Was Born

The Nile River in Ancient Egypt

What Is an Entrepreneur?

Vocabulary Assessment 6-10

The Power of Monarchs in England

The Inuit: People of the Cold

The First Voyage of Columbus

How to Become a History Teacher

East Meets West on the Silk Road

Vocabulary Assessment 11-15

Symbols of Patriotism

Henry Ford and the Assembly Line

The Spanish-American War

The Planning of Washington, D.C.

The Mound Builders

Vocabulary Assessment 16-20


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