Reading Science: High Beginning, Annotated Teacher Edition 3 - 4 9780078729171
This series helps English language learners master the academic vocabulary that is the cornerstone of understanding content-area texts. With content that is engaging and written at a level that is not frustrating, this exciting new series focuses on core reading strategies successful readers use in content-area courses. Special attention is paid to both conceptual vocabulary and general academic words that are needed in any content-area course.
Reading Science: High Beginning, Annotated Teacher Edition

Reading Science: High Beginning, Annotated Teacher Edition

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 3 - 4
MHID: 0078729173 |  ISBN 13: 9780078729171
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New Features

Content-Area Skills and Strategies include:

  • Accessing prior knowledge
  • Content-area vocabulary
  • Academic English
  • Language connection
  • Content connection
  • Organizing ideas
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Recalling facts
  • Understanding ideas
  • Recognizing words in context
  • Distinguishing fact from opinion
  • Making inferences
  • Understanding main ideas
  • Personal response
  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Writing in response to reading
  • Real-world reading
  • Talk it over

Reading Science: High Beginning, Annotated Teacher Edition

To the Teacher
To the Student

Pronunciation Key


  1. Using Energy to Ride a Bike

  2. Animals of the Forests

  3. The Constellations

  4. The Need for Plants

  5. What Is a Veterinarian?

    Vocabulary Assessment l–5

  6. The Features of Earth's Surface

  7. Simple Machines

  8. The Discoveries of Benjamin Franklin

  9. The Truth About Sharks

  10. Types of Clouds

    Vocabulary Assessment 6–10

  11. A Key to Good Health

  12. Crossing the Land with Steam Power

  13. Seasons Around the World

  14. What is a Mammal?

  15. Organizing a Science Project

    Vocabulary Assessment 11–15

  16. Rocks and Minerals

  17. Water is Needed for Life

  18. Flowering and Nonflowering Plants

  19. Waste and Recycling

  20. Elijah Mc Coy, Inventor

    Vocabulary Assessment l6–20


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