Readers & Writers, Realistic Animal Stories (Pkg. of 5) 4 - 8 N/A
In Readers and Writers students read a specific genre, analyze what they have read, and then become authors themselves in that genre. After students study the styles of other writers they learn about the elements of a good story and the six steps of the writing process so they too can create their own writing style. Genre studies expand students’ personal schemas through a unified pattern of experiences that includes listening, reading, discussion, writing, and self-evaluation. Students who participate in genre studies become critical readers who can determine for themselves the literary value of books. An exploration of five literary genres in this exciting program helps to develop the confidence necessary for students to create compelling stories of their own.
  • Mysteries
  • Science Fiction
  • Realistic Animal Stories
  • Biographies
  • Sports Stories
Readers & Writers, Realistic Animal Stories (Pkg. of 5)

Readers & Writers, Realistic Animal Stories (Pkg. of 5)

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 4 - 8
MHID: 87003828 |  ISBN 13: N/A

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New Features

  • Available in packages of 5
  • Each pack covers one genre
  • Includes hands-on reading and writing activities
  • Each 24 page booklet consists of: Author’s Clipboard, Guided Analysis One and Two, Independent Analysis One, Two, and Three, Activity Sheets, Author’s Planning Sheet, Author’s Analysis Sheet, Author’s Evaluation Form, Author’s Progress Log, and Author’s Peer Conference Record