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Written for Middle School to young, adult readers, Ravenscourt Books provide a research-proven strategy for enhancing the comprehension and fluency of struggling readers. Each of these engaging fiction and nonfiction titles is:

  • Carefully aligned to Corrective Reading to prevent frustration and build success
  • Tailored to students’ independent reading levels to encourage struggling readers to read more
  • Designed to provide frequent opportunities for reading that will improve fluency and overall reading achievement


Chapter Books include 24 high-interest books, leveled in three sets.

Each set:

  • Features a variety of genres—retold classics, fiction, and nonfiction
  • Is at least 95% decodable based on skills and vocabulary introduced in Corrective Reading

Teacher’s Guides outline ways to use the series in your classroom. Each guide includes:

  • Techniques to improve oral reading fluency and passages and graphs for assessing reading rate
  • Reproducible wordlists, questions, and report forms help students meet reading and writing standards

Fluency Audiotapes/CDs model correct phrasing, intonation, and expression to assist students in improving their oral reading rate.

Electronic Evaluation and Tracking Tool gives you an easy way to record and track student progress.

Ravenscourt Books - Reaching Goals, Fluency Audio CD's

Ravenscourt Books - Reaching Goals, Fluency Audio CD's

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 4
MHID: 0076016501 |  ISBN 13: 9780076016501
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