Pre-Algebra, Student Edition 8 - 10 9780078885150
This new series is designed to help all students achieve a better understanding of mathematics and improve their mathematics scores on today's high-stakes assessments.
Pre-Algebra, Student Edition

Pre-Algebra, Student Edition

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 8 - 10
MHID: 0078885159 |  ISBN 13: 9780078885150
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New Features

Help all students become better problem solvers with our unique approach to interweaving skills, concepts, and word problems in the Get Ready for the Chapter, in Study Guide and Review, and throughout the Exercises.

Provide students with more personal assistance in understanding key examples with Personal Tutor – a “virtual” teacher available in every lesson.

Use Concepts in Motion animations and labs to visually and dynamically demonstrate mathematical content. References to the Concepts in Motion features in the Student Edition are readily accessible online at, on Interactive Classroom, and on StudentWorks Plus.

Prepare students for standardized tests with questions that are aligned in format, content, and design to those found on today’s high-stakes assessments.

Help students organize their notes and prepare for tests with Glencoe’s exclusive FoldablesTM study organizers.

Pre-Algebra, Student Edition

Chapter 0 Preparing for Pre-Algebra

Unit 1 Rational Number and Equations

Chapter 1 The Tools of Algebra

Chapter 2 Operations with Integers

Chapter 3 Operations with Rational Numbers

Chapter 4 Expressions and Equations

Chapter 5 Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities

Unit 2 Proportions and Similarity

Chapter 6 Ratio, Proportion, and Similar Figures

Chapter 7 Percent

Unit 3 Linear and Nonlinear Functions

Chapter 8 Linear Functions and Graphing

Chapter 9 Powers and Nonlinear Functions

Unit 4 Two- and Three-Dimensional Space

Chapter 10 Real Numbers and Right Triangles

Chapter 11 Distance and Angle

Chapter 12 Surface Area and Volume

Unit 5 Data Sets

Chapter 13 Statistics and Probability

Looking Ahead to Algebra 1