Peter Norton's Intro to Computers 6/e 13 9780072978902
Peter Norton's Intro to Computers 6/e

Peter Norton's Intro to Computers 6/e

Grade Levels: 13
By Peter Norton
Copyright: 2006
Publication Date: December 30, 2005
MHID: 0072978902
ISBN 13: 9780072978902

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New Features

Revised and Updated: Completely revised and updated to cover new technologies and adapt to our quickly changing world. Internet applications are covered earlier in the text while new and updated coverage is provided about the architecture of the Internet.

New!: Chapter devoted to information security that helps student understand how best to protect themselves and their computer systems.

Updated!: Chapter on database management includes new coverage of enterprise systems and Web databases, such as Oracle and MySQL.

New “At Issue” Features: All new articles spotlight trends in information technology. These new articles will offer compelling looks at how technology is used in to help people do their work or make their lives better.

New “Computer Career” Articles: Interviews with real IT professionals will put a human face to the many exciting career IT career opportunities available.

Unit and Section Review Activities: Each Section will include a key term list, key term quiz, multiple choice questions, essay questions, and lab projects. Each Unit will include additional lab projects, discussion questions, research report, and ethical issue questions.

Improved Design: Improved four-color designed sporting a cleaner, more open look with vivid photographs and illustrations.

Sensible organization: Each book consists of units, each divided into 2 lessons that enable instructors to more flexibly adapt the book to their course and visa versa.

Peter Norton's Intro to Computers 6/e

Peter Norton's Intro to Computers 6/e

Chapter 1: Introducing Computer Systems

Chapter 2: Presenting the Internet Sample Chapter

Computing Keynotes #1: Creating Your Own Web Page

Chapter 3: Interacting with Your Computer

Chapter 4: Seeing, Hearing, and Printing Data

Computing Keynotes #2: Buying Your First Computer

Chapter 5: Processing Data

Chapter 6: Storing Data

Chapter 7: Using Operating Systems

Chapter 8: Working with Application Software

Chapter 9: Networks

Chapter 10: Working in the Online World

Computing Keynotes #3: Professional Certification Programs

Chapter 11: Database Management

Chapter 12: Development of Information Systems

Chapter 13: Software Programming and Development

Chapter 14: Protecting Your Privacy, Your Computer, and Your Data

Computing Keynotes#4: Viruses

Appendix A: The History of Microcomputers
Appendix B: Answers to Self-Checks