Personal Finance, Student Edition 9 - 12 9780078698002
Personal Finance, Student Edition

Personal Finance, Student Edition

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 9 - 12
MHID: 0078698006 |  ISBN 13: 9780078698002

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New Features

Real-World Applications promote critical thinking skills and links finance to other fields of study.

Standard & Poor’s Case Study includes an analysis and recommendation from the leaders in financial information, Standard & Poor’s, as well as three critical thinking questions.

Financial Literacy lessons on the student web site, featuring BusinessWeek in partnership with Standard & Poor’s, provide customized online activities based on BusinessWeek, the world’s most popular business magazine.

Resources for No Child Left Behind on the teacher web site demonstrate Glencoe’s commitment to teachers’ professional development.

Personal Finance, Student Edition

Glencoe Personal Finance © 2007

Unit 1 - Planning Personal Finances

Chapter 1: Personal Financial Planning
Chapter 2: Finances and Career Planning
Chapter 3: Money Management Strategy 
Chapter 4: Consumer Purchasing and Protection

Unit 2 - Banking and Credit

Chapter 5: Banking 
Chapter 6: Consumer Credit 
Chapter 7: The Finances of Housing 

Unit 3 - Investing Financial Resources 

Chapter 8: Saving and Investing 
Chapter 9: Stocks 
Chapter 10: Bonds and Mutual Funds 
Chapter 11: Real Estate and Other Investments 

Unit 4 - Protecting Your Finances 

Chapter 12: Planning Your Tax Strategy 
Chapter 13: Home and Motor Vehicle Insurance 
Chapter 14: Health, Disability, and Life Insurance 
Chapter 15: Retirement and Estate Planning 

Appendix: Math Skills Builder 
Features Index