Parenting: Rewards & Responsibilities, Student Edition 10 - 12 9780078690570
Parenting helps teens develop the skills and gain the knowledge to be better parents—now or in the future.
Parenting: Rewards & Responsibilities, Student Edition

Parenting: Rewards & Responsibilities, Student Edition

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 10 - 12
MHID: 0078690579 |  ISBN 13: 9780078690570
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New Features

Good parenting is vital for children, families, and society. Students will learn how to evaluate readiness for parenting and ways to promote character, moral development, rights and responsibilities of teen parents.

A new chapter, Understanding Child Development, provides a basis overview of child development from infancy through adolescence, including physical, intellectual, emotional, social and moral development.

Students will learn what parents need to do to help children cope with family changes and crises, strategies for balancing family life and work life, ways to find quality child care and education programs, and what parents can do to help children with special needs reach their full potential.

Parenting: Rewards & Responsibilities, Student Edition

Unit 1: Understanding Parenting

Chapter 1: Parenting and Families

Chapter 2: Responsible Parenting

Chapter 3: Personal Readiness

Chapter 4: Understanding Child Development

Chapter 5: Effective Parenting Skills

Chapter 6: Teens and Parenting

Unit 2: Becoming a Parent

Chapter 7: Planning a Family

Chapter 8: Prenatal Development

Chapter 9: A Healthy Pregnancy

Chapter 10: Preparing for Baby’s Arrival

Chapter 11: The Birth Process

Chapter 12: Adapting to Parenthood

Unit 3: Caring for Children

Chapter 13: Understanding Infants

Chapter 14: Caring for Infants

Chapter 15: Meeting Children’s Physical Needs

Chapter 16: Health and Safety

Unit 4: Nurturing Children

Chapter 17: Helping Children Learn

Chapter 18: Meeting Children’s Emotional Needs

Chapter 19: Helping Children Relate to Others

Chapter 20: The Value of Play

Unit 5: Guiding Children

Chapter 21: Communicating with Children

Chapter 22: Building Children’s Character

Chapter 23: Promoting Positive Behavior

Chapter 24: Handling Behavior Problems

Unit 6: Parenting Concerns

Chapter 25: Children with Special Needs

Chapter 26: Managing Life as a Parent

Chapter 27: Facing Family Challenges

Chapter 28: Child Care & Education Options