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Gregg College Keyboarding and Document Processing (GDP), 11e by Ober, Johnson, and Zimmerly: Your complete learning/teaching system. Your guide to success. GDP/11 is an integrated keyboarding system designed to process and score documents created in Microsoft Word. Together, the book and software systematically lead students through each lesson to provide an easy path to success. As a solid product for over 50 years, this version of the GDP software has grown into an online functionality. The same program is now web-based with seamless updates to provide greater accessibility for use at home, in class, and in labs - perfect for distance learning! Strong enhancements to the book while maintaining key elements including integrated language arts (starting at lesson 21) support the cohesive program's strong content. Skillbuilding is reinforced with MAP+ (Misstroke Analysis and Prescription). MAP+ is an individualized, diagnostic tool that is built into the software to help identify student's strengths and weaknesses while providing prescriptive drills to help them practice where they need it most. Also, MAP+ now has new, unlimited drill lines that begin at Lesson 1. Additionally, GDP/11 automatically scores for keyboarding errors and now formatting errors too! As a result, instructors will appreciate the customization of course management tools in GDP/11, including the new GPS (Grade Posting System) which allows complete flexibility in setting up grades. GDP/11 your complete learning/teaching system. Your guide to success.
Ober: Kit 1: (Lessons 1-60) w/ Word 2013 Manual

Ober: Kit 1: (Lessons 1-60) w/ Word 2013 Manual

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 13
MHID: 0077824636 |  ISBN 13: 9780077824631
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New Features

Completely Online Format

Key Features

Misstroke Analysis and Prescription (MAP). This incomparable prescriptive feature helps students improve their speed and accuracy on the keyboard. MAP is a highly sophisticated and individualized error analysis and remediation software program that will teach students not only how to recognize errors, but how to fix them as well.

Enhanced Instructor Management and Gradebook

Ober: Kit 1: (Lessons 1-60) w/ Word 2013 Manual


Introduction to the Student

Reference Manual

Part 1 The Alphabet, Number, and Symbol Keys

UNIT 1 Keyboarding : The Alphabet

UNIT 2 Keyboarding : The Alphabet

UNIT 3 Keyboarding : Numbers and Symbols

UNIT 4 Keyboarding : Numbers and Symbols

Part 2 Basic Business Documents

UNIT 5 Word Processing and E-Mail

UNIT 6 Correspondence

Unit 7 Reports

UNIT 8 Tables

Part 3 Correspondence, Reports, and Employment Documents

UNIT 9 Correspondence

UNIT 10 Reports

UNIT 11 Employment Documents

UNIT 12 Skillbuilding and In-Basket Review

Part 4 Advanced Formatting

UNIT 13 Skill Refinement

UNIT 14 Correspondence

UNIT 15 Reports

UNIT 16 Tables

Part 5 Specialized Applications

UNIT 17 International Formatting

UNIT 18 Formal Report Project

UNIT 19 Medical Office Documents

UNIT 20 Legal Office Documents

Part 6 Using and Designing Business Documents

UNIT 21 Using and Designing Office Forms

UNIT 22 Designing Office Publications

UNIT 23 Online Resumes and Merged Documents

UNIT 24 Skillbuilding and In-Basket Review



Title Isbn13 Quantity Included
Kit 1 Box (Lessons 1-60) for Word 2013 t/a Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing (GDP) 9780077822354 1
Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing (GDP); Lessons 1-60 text 9780077319366 1
GDP 11e Online Software Student Registration Card 9780077319441 1 seat
Easy-Assemble Book Easel for Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing Products 9780077344238 1
Microsoft Office Word 2013 Manual for Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing (GDP) 9780073397009 1