Nutrition and Wellness, Student Text PreK - 1 9780026432160
Nutrition and Wellness, Student Text

Nutrition and Wellness, Student Text

National EDITION
Grade Levels: PreK - 1
MHID: 0026432161 |  ISBN 13: 9780026432160

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Key Features

Positive approach encourages students to understand nutrition guidelines, gather and evaluate information, and use their resources to solve practical everyday nutrition and fitness problems.

Eating for health is emphasized in a light, enthusiastic style that examines the enjoyable and diverse aspects of food.

Teaches students to recognize nutritious choices in snacks, convenience and restaurant foods, and home cooking.

Food Preparation Handbook is bound in. It provides flexibility in teaching traditional food preparation and current safety skills in an intriguing, visual format.

Emphasizes the Family and Consumer Sciences Education National Standards for Nutrition and Wellness.

Fueling Up for Fitness helps students understand fitness and how to apply food choices for active living and weight maintenance.

Student Text has 576 pages.

Nutrition and Wellness, Student Text

Chapter 1: Wellness and Food Choices

Chapter 2: Enjoying Food

Chapter 3: A World of Diversity

Chapter 4: The Food Supply

Chapter 5: Nutrients and Energy

Chapter 6: Getting and Using Nutrients

Chapter 7: Eating the Dietary Guidelines Way

Chapter 8: Building Your Nutrition Pyramid

Chapter 9: Lifelong Nutrition

Chapter 10: Special Health Concerns

Chapter 11: Sorting out the Facts

Chapter 12: Nutrition Throughout Your Day

Chapter 13: Supermarket Decisions

Chapter 14: Food Preparation Choices

Chapter 15: Eating Well When Eating Out

Chapter 16: Vegetarian Choices

Chapter 17: Understanding Physical Fitness

Chapter 18: A Plan for Active Living

Chapter 19: Fueling Up for Fitness

Chapter 20: Healthful Choices About Weight

Chapter 21: Bread, Cereal, Rice, and Pasta

Chapter 22: Vegetables

Chapter 23: Fruits

Chapter 24: Milk, Yogurt, and Cheese

Chapter 25: Meat, Poultry, and Fish

Chapter 26: Eggs, Beans, and Nuts

Chapter 27: Salads

Chapter 28: Soups and Stews

Chapter 29: Casseroles, Stir-Fries, and More

Chapter 30: Quick and Yeast Breads

Chapter 31: Sandwiches and Pizza

Chapter 32: Desserts