Number Power, Advanced, Student Text 5 - 12 9780809223435
Every Jamestown Number Power book targets a particular set of math skills with straightforward explanations, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction, real-life examples, and extensive reinforcement exercises. Use these texts across the full scope of the basic mathematics curriculum, from whole numbers to pre-algebra and geometry. Skills-Correlated Number Power books cover basic computation to the fundamentals of algebra and geometry and other math skills needed for taking standardized tests. Books include evaluation and skills correlation charts to track progress in mastering math skills.
Number Power, Advanced, Student Text

Number Power, Advanced, Student Text

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 5 - 12
MHID: 0809223430 |  ISBN 13: 9780809223435
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Number Power, Advanced, Student Text

To the Learner

Skills Inventory Pre-Test

Part A: Computation

Part B: Applied Mathematics

Correlation Tables



Algebraic Operations




Number Theory

Data Interpretation




Computation in Context


Whole Numbers

Place Value

Review of Whole Number Addition

Review of Whole Number Subtraction

Review of Whole Number Multiplication

Review of Whole Number Division

Dividing by a Two-Digit Divisor

Solving Word Problems: The First Step

Solving Word Problems: The Next Steps



Rounding To Solve Word Problems

Whole Numbers Skills Practice


Decimal Place Values

Comparing Decimal Numbers

Adding Decimals

Subtracting Decimals

Multiplying Decimals

Dividing a Decimal by a Whole Number

Dividing a Decimal by a Decimal

Adding Zeros at the Right of a Decimal

Solving Mixed Word Problems

Decimals Skills Practice


Numerators and Denominators

Finding a Fraction of a Number

Reducing a Fraction to Simplest Terms

Fractions Equal to 1 and Fractions Greater Than 1

Adding and Subtracting Like Fractions

Adding and Subtracting Unlike Fractions

Multiplying Fractions

Canceling Before You Multiply

Dividing with Fractions

Solving Mixed Word Problems

Fractions Skills Practice

Signed Numbers

Positive and Negative Numbers

Adding Signed Numbers

Subtracting Signed Numbers

Multiplying and Dividing Signed Numbers

Solving Mixed Word Problems

Signed Numbers Skills Practice

Ratio and Percent

Writing Ratios

Writing Proportions


Finding a Percent of a Number

Finding What Percent One Number Is of Another

Finding the Total When a Percent Is Given

Mixed Practice with Percent

Ratio and Percent Skills Practice

Data Interpretation

Reading a Table

Reading a Bar Graph

Reading a Line Graph

Using Numbers in a Graph

Finding the Percent of Change

Finding the Mean, Median, and Mode

Trends and Predictions

Reading a Circle Graph

Reading a Complex Table or Graph

Data Interpretation Skills Practice

Exponents, Powers, and Roots

Products and Factors

Solving Problems with Powers

Simplifying Powers

Scientific Notation

Square Root

Exponents, Powers, and Roots Skills Practice



Completing Number Sentences

Inverse Operations

Writing Letters and Symbols for Words

Writing Longer Algebraic Expressions

Writing Algebraic Equations

Solving an Equation with an Addition or Subtraction Sign

Solving an Equation with a Multiplication or Division Sign

Combining Terms

Solving an Equation with Parentheses

When a Sum or Difference Appears in a Fraction

When a Variable Appears Twice in an Equation

Solving Inequalities

Using Formulas

Solving Word Problems Using Algebra

Algebra Skills Practice


Reading a Scale

Standard Units of Measure

Using a Standard Ruler

Converting Within the Standard System

The Metric System

Using a Metric Ruler

Comparing Standard and Metric Units

Adding and Subtracting Mixed Measurements

Multiplying and Dividing Mixed Units

Finding Perimeter

Finding the Circumference of a Circle

Finding Area

Finding Volume

Changes in Time

Measurement Skills Practice



Basic Concepts



Types of Angles

Related Angles


Types of Triangles

Right Triangles

Congruent Figures and Similar Figures

Solving Problems with Similar Triangles

Geometry Skills Practice

Skills Inventory Post-Test

Part A: Computation

Part B: Applied Mathematics

Glossary of Common Terms