My Math, Grades K-2, Teacher Tool Kit K - 2 9780021064878
This special set of manipulatives makes it easy for teachers to demonstrate math concepts. It encourages teachers to model their thinking processes and supports both whole-class instruction and small-group use. The Teacher Tool Kit includes: Demonstration Clock; Graphing Mats (2 mats, both 2-sided); Bucket Balance; Student Thermometers (5); Wooden Geometric Solids (7); Matthew Cando Robot Puppet; Magnetic Manipulative Kits (5 sets); Overhead Manipulative Kit for Grades K-2; and storage bag for overhead manipulatives.
My Math, Grades K-2, Teacher Tool Kit

My Math, Grades K-2, Teacher Tool Kit

National EDITION
Grade Levels: K - 2
MHID: 0021064873 |  ISBN 13: 9780021064878
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Math Connects, Grades K-2, Matthew Cando Robot Puppet 9780021064632 1
My Math, Grades K-2, Overhead Manipulative Kit 9780021064847 1