Multiple Skills Series, Level A Book 2 1 9780026884112
Using the Multiple Skills Series, you can diagnose reading comprehension problems and provide targeted practice that helps your students refine their skills. Assessment tools enable the placement of students at an appropriate level in the series, as well as quantify the growth of their skills over time. This leveled supplemental series provides practice in nine major skill areas: Using Phonics and Vocabulary, Comparing and Contrasting, Identifying Cause and Effect, Finding Details, Identifying Fact and Opinion, Getting the Main Idea, Drawing Conclusions, Sequencing Making Inferences. The self-paced lessons in the Multiple Skills Series work well for all students.
Multiple Skills Series, Level A Book 2

Multiple Skills Series, Level A Book 2

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 1
MHID: 0026884119 |  ISBN 13: 9780026884112
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