Mechanical Drawing Board & CAD Techniques, Student Edition 10 - 12 9780078796050
Mechanical Drawing Board & CAD Techniques, Student Edition

Mechanical Drawing Board & CAD Techniques, Student Edition

Grade Levels: 10 - 12
By McGraw-Hill
Copyright: 2010
Publication Date: December 9, 2008
MHID: 0078796059
ISBN 13: 9780078796050

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New Features

All New Teacher Resources!

This new revision gives teachers the tools they need to support their goals and efforts. Easy, fast and portable resources teachers can use to prepare, assess, reteach, and enrich.

This thoroughly revised program consistently integrates activities that:

  • support differentiated instruction.
  • help monitor students' progress through various assessment formats.
  • provide reteaching strategies.
  • Provide technological literacy standards and academic correlations.
  • help teachers meet the mandate for relevant and rigorous content and improved achievement.
  • Provide easy-to-use electronic tools that save teachers prep and calendar-management time.
  • Mechanical Drawing Board & CAD Techniques, Student Edition

    Glencoe Mechanical Drawing: Board and CAD Techniques

    Unit 1 - Discovering Drafting Fundamentals

    Chapter 1 Drafting Careers
    Chapter 2 Design and Sketching
    Chapter 3 Drafting Equipment
    Chapter 4 Basic Drafting Techniques
    Chapter 5 Geometry for Drafting

    Unit 2 - Developing Drafting Techniques

    Chapter 6 Multiview Drawing
    Chapter 7 Dimensioning
    Chapter 8 Sectional Views
    Chapter 9 Auxiliary Views
    Chapter 10 Descriptive Geometry

    Unit 3 - Exploring Drafting Applications

    Chapter 11 Fasteners
    Chapter 12 Pictorial Drawing
    Chapter 13 Working Drawings
    Chapter 14 Pattern Development
    Chapter 15 Welding Drafting
    Chapter 16 Pipe Drafting
    Chapter 17 Cams and Gears

    Unit 4 - Applying Drafting Skills

    Chapter 18 Architectural Drafting
    Chapter 19 Map Drafting
    Chapter 20 Electricity/Electronics Drafting
    Chapter 21 Media Management

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