Mathematics: Applications and Concepts, Course 1, Student Edition 6 - 8 9780078296314
Mathematics: Applications and Concepts, Course 1, Student Edition

Mathematics: Applications and Concepts, Course 1, Student Edition

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 6 - 8
MHID: 0078296315 |  ISBN 13: 9780078296314

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New Features

FoldablesTM Study Organizers are unique hands-on study tools that aid basic reading and writing skills by focusing on the organization and analysis of main ideas and vocabulary.

Real-World Applications, which are integrated throughout the text, are written in a relevant, engaging style to motivate students and demonstrate the usefulness of mathematics in a way that relates to their interests.

USA TODAY® Snapshots appear in examples and exercises to provide visual representations of up-to-date data.

Standardized Test Practice options are provided to enable students to prepare for other courses and to be successful on local, state, and national tests.

A mixture of Problem-Solving Strategies, Hands-On Labs, and extensive Practice and Applications provide students with a well-balanced curriculum.

Appropriate use of Technology is integrated throughout the program through an optional variety of instructions and activities involving scientific calculators, graphing calculators, spreadsheets and the Internet.

Key Concept boxes and Talking Boxes focus students’ attention on key terms and main ideas.

Mathematics: Applications and Concepts, Course 1, Student Edition

Unit 1 Whole Numbers, Algebra, and Statistics

Chapter 1 Number Patterns and Algebra

Chapter 2 Statistics and Graphs

Unit 2 Decimals

Chapter 3 Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Chapter 4 Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

Unit 3 Fractions

Chapter 5 Fractions and Decimals

Chapter 6 Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Chapter 7 Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Unit 4 Algebra

Chapter 8 Algebra: Integers

Chapter 9 Algebra: Solving Equations

Unit 5 Ratio and Proportion

Chapter 10 Ratio, Proportion, And Percent

Chapter 11 Probability

Unit 6 Measurement and Geometry

Chapter 12 Measurement

Chapter 13 Geometry: Angles and Polygons

Chapter 14 Geometry: Measuring Area and Volume